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With Halloween in less than a month, a local business is sweetening things up a bit earlier.

Located at 2857 Howard Avenue, Paper Heroes – Comic Book Lounge & Collectables brings together comics and sweet treats with a new section. Aimed at children and adults alike, Candy Heroes has created a team that offers something for everyone.

Long in the making, the idea came from a simple place.

“I actually started thinking about bringing something different to the store a few years ago, but COVID has hit it,” owner Scott St. Amour said. “We always do a lot of camping in Ontario and we would stop in these little towns by the beach and there would never be missing a little candy store. The kids loved it, I loved it and thought it would be cool to introduce it to the store.

Open to the public on August 30, it has been a success ever since. With a new dose of nostalgia, the section focuses on retro and unique items. This also includes sweets from as far away as the UK, Mexico, and Australia.

While the selection already impresses more than one, St. Amour seeks to expand it further.

“People shared the posts on Facebook and came to see what’s available,” he said. “You hear a lot of ‘I remember that’ or ‘I ate it all the time’ so it’s great to see what people react to. I’m trying to import more international stuff, but it Seems like with everything right now there are supply chain issues, as things open up hopefully widening this selection.

Impacting more than inventory, COVID-19 put the store in survival mode for over a year. As restrictions eased and a new five-year lease was signed, St. Amour felt the time had come to unveil its vision.

Resulting in an increase in traffic, it is a won bet.

“The new visitors to the candy store have far exceeded my expectations,” he said. “People who have never been to the store before come for the first time to check out the selection, see what’s available, and then take a look at the rest of the store as well. My regular clients also seem to enjoy the addition with a good majority of them having a sugary snack with their weekly books.

As for what do people value most?

“The most popular items are hands down Root Beer Mike & Ikes and Cotton Candy Mike & Ikes,” said the owner. “Yes, there are others on the way! “

Those who want to stay up to date with what the store will be offering can follow the Paper Heroes Facebook page.

Daniel K. Denny