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FARGO – Comic Junction in Fargo is approaching its 40th anniversary. Kip Marvig, owner and comic book connoisseur, has been there for all the twists and turns.

Located right between a vape shop and a hair salon, up a moderate staircase and around the corner is a hidden gem with endless avenues.

Marvig opened a boutique in 1981. There was nothing like it in the area at the time. His father was his inspiration to start the business.

“Whenever I bought comics, my dad would also read them first. ‘Just to make sure they were appropriate,’ that’s the excuse he used,” Marvig said. “Reading comics gave me the love of reading, it got me started and got me interested. “

He collects all kinds of items from all over the world, even collectibles from the 1950s.

“There’s nothing in those boxes on this shelf that has an original cover price of over 25 cents,” Marvig said, pointing to some of his treasures.

During the pandemic, Marvig has found various ways to keep the lights on, such as offering curbside pickup, keeping things clean and still, and patronage of regulars making their routine stops.

“When my dispenser was shut down, I didn’t have any new bills, I just had to pay rent,” Marvig said. “Of course my sales weren’t where they were last year, but they weren’t so bad that I had to file for bankruptcy.”

He will cross the 40th birthday mark in June. His passion for art and sharing that passion with others is what keeps him motivated. Just like in his childhood, he hopes that a comic book, novel or magazine can inspire another young mind.

“There’s a thing called Free Comic (Book) Day, and we can buy cheap comics from publishers to give away for free, and I always order heavier for kids,” Marvig said. “I just want kids to like to read; nobody wants to read a textbook, they have to.”

For now, he’s thinking about the trip with the rest to write.

“You drove all the way and now you’re here, is that surprising?” Marvig asked. “Yeah, I want to keep doing this as long as I can climb the stairs.” “

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