Mandalorian & Baby Yoda Star in awesome Declan Shalvey comic

The Mandalorian and Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) leave Razor Crest in a stunning commission from superstar artist Declan Shalvey.

For those who can’t wait for season three of The Mandalorian On Disney +, Declan Shalvey has created a stunning new piece of art that should thrill fans to see Din Djarin and Grogu again. Shalvey shared a recent commission he completed that shows the world of The Mandalorian, as Mando carries the ever-adorable Baby Yoda in a bag as the couple exits their ship, the Razor Crest.

The Mandalorian is one of the most critically acclaimed Star wars projects ever, as The Adventures of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter has become a television staple. The series created by Jon Favreau follows the adventures of Djin Djarin, who the Galactic Empire originally hired to hunt down and bring them an alien creature for a hefty bounty. However, after meeting Grogu and developing a bond with the 50-year-old infant, Mando becomes a thug and protects the Yoda-like being from those who want to manipulate his powers for evil. The season two finale ended with a heart-wrenching encounter with Luke Skywalker, as Djin gives him Grogu after promising to help train the child in the ways of the Force.


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Monday, Shalvey shared one of his latest orders on his Twitter page. In the picture, Djin Djarin and Grogu leave the Razor Crest. The image features a striking sky behind them, as the planets above illuminate the figures. The commission captures the world of The Mandalorian beautifully, because it makes you want to know more about Mando and Grogu’s mission and the adventures that await them next.

It’s fun to see what the world of The Manadolrian might look like a comic book. But, unfortunately, despite the massive popularity of the series, Marvel or Star Wars have not announced any plans to introduce the characters from the series into their canonical comic book stories. Honestly, that makes sense considering the series is still only a few years old, and adding more comedic canon now could mess up future storylines. Yet Shalvey’s image certainly shows what The Mandalorian could appear like in the comics.

Whenever Marvel Comics and Star Wars decide to expand the world of The Mandalorian and start telling about his stores in their comedic world, it would be wise to call Declan Shalvey. Obviously, the artist and writer understands the show and draws a killer version of Mando and Grogu. It would be amazing to see Shalvey have the chance to do a full number of The Mandalorian in his style.

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