Mark Brooks plans to return to the Lake Comic Comic Art Festival every year


For Mark Brooks, like me, this was his first Lake Como comic art festival, although he (like me too) had wanted to come for a while. Best known for his current work on X-men titles, as the cover artist for Immortal X-Men and Judgment Day, he also worked on the production of Mondo statues and posters. He is best known for drawing/painting comics such as Han Solo, Spider-Man, Cable & Deadpool, Amazing Fantasy, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ultimate X-Men, Dark Reign, Wolverine, Cloak & Dagger, Thor, X-Force and he received the Inkpot Award in 2014. He also produced designs for a line of Marvel action figures from Sideshow Collectibles.

Mark Brooks described Lake Como “probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to and the fans are amazing and the food is great. I think I’ll probably make this my annual thing.” During the show he mostly drew Marvel women – we caught him in the middle of a Mary Jane Watson, but he also drew – checking his list – “some Rogues, Mystique, Psylocke, Black Bolt, Mad Hatter , Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch…” At this show, the majority of the traffic was people ordering sketches and buying prints, rather than having work signed. So it seemed like it was a pretty good show for the man…

Mark Brooks at Lake Como

The Lake Comic Comic Art Festival is a comic book convention that takes place every year in Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Como in Italy (pandemic permitting). It focuses on the big names in comics from the United States, United Kingdom and mainland Europe, and attracts fans, collectors and dealers with an attendance cap and a relatively high price. This provides better access to creators and allows creators to maximize their income, all in the incredibly attractive landscapes, culture, history, art and architecture of Lake Como.

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