Marvel and DC art will be on display at a dedicated comic art gallery opening in Northampton this weekend

A dedicated comic art gallery, believed to be the first in the UK, will open in Northampton this weekend.

Panel Gallery opposite Steffans Jewelers in Abington Square will be open to the public on Saturday December 4 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The opening exhibit, which was seen by Marvel and DC artists who attended a private preview last weekend, will include pieces from some of the medium’s top global artists.

Featured art includes works by Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Esad Ribic, Adi Granov, Alan Davis, John Bolton, Glenn Fabry and many more.

Gallery curator Jeff Chahal said the specialty gallery has been on the horizon for some time.

Jeff said, “The box office success of films based on the Marvel and DC Universes means that many people want to own works of art featuring their favorite characters.

“We look forward to bringing the creative forces that drive the global behemoths that so many love to a much wider audience.

“We believe it’s time that the people who create the rich worlds that so many people love to visit get the recognition they rightly deserve.

“I’ve been planning to open the gallery for some time now – but the Covid-19 pandemic means it’s only now become a reality.

“I am delighted that we are opening the doors to the public in time for Christmas.”

To learn more, search “Panel Gallery” on Facebook.

Below is a collection of photos of the Northampton Gallery and the pieces on display there prior to opening to the public.

Daniel K. Denny