Marvel Snap’s Most Accurate Locations

New Marvel SNAP The game features a multitude of comic-accurate locations. Marvel SNAP is a digital collectible card game, in which players place their decks in face-to-face collision. Players will naturally focus on build their own decks in Marvel SNAPperhaps focusing on a powerful high-cost character like Onslaught and Apocalypse, but the real magic of the game is in a wildcard factor.

Each Marvel SNAP Tower features three locations, pulled straight from the comics and featuring unique attributes. This means that the outcome of a game is not just about who has the best deck; this also tests a player’s adaptability, as slots can actually work against the cards in hand. A player who focuses on continuous effects is likely to struggle, for example, if confronted with the Island of Silence – a place that “silences” continuous effects. Sometimes slots will work against both players; Bifrost moves cards to the right after turn 4, and this can be a major problem if it’s in play next to Fisk Tower; cards that move to that location are destroyed.


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The locations in Marvel SNAP are all taken from the comics and the developers have tried to come up with suitable mechanics. This makes the game a rewarding experience for players who are familiar with these comics. Here are the most awesome comic book accurate locations in Marvel SNAP.

Atlantis is designed around Namor in Marvel SNAP

Marvel Comics Atlantis

Atlantis is one of Marvel SNAP’s most interesting locations, in that it’s designed to stimulate one particular character – Namor the Submarine, the ruler of Atlantis, who always prefers to be alone in the comics. Namor can be played for 4 energy, and he has an impressive power of 5; however, if he stands alone in a given location, he gains 5 additional strength points. This is perfectly complemented by Atlantis, which gives a solo card 5 additional powers. This means that a well-placed Namor has an impressive 15 power. This is the perfect mechanic for Namor the Submarine, meaning he’s more powerful than ever when he’s in his element.

Death’s Domain is a Powerful (and Appropriate) Marvel SNAP Location

wonder of death

Marvel Comics anthropomorphized death itself, and indeed Death is the beloved of Thanos. Suitably enough, then, any card placed in the death field is destroyed. Some decks will struggle to fit around Death’s Domain, but there are a handful that play well with location – ones that boost other cards when destroyed, for example, or others that are immune to destruction (like Colossus). Cards that are moved into the realm of death are not destroyed, meaning it is indeed possible for a character to travel to this dark realm and survive.

The Savage Land is a perfect comic book location in Marvel SNAP

Dinosaurs roam the wild land of Marvel comics

A prehistoric wilderness hidden in Antarctica, the Savage Land summons two power 1 Raptors for each player. It’s a perfect mechanic for the location, given that the presence of dinosaurs is the main feature of Savage Land. It is also designed to fit Ka-Zar, ruler and effectively god of the Savage Landwhich gives 2 additional powers to raptors.

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Marvel SNAP’s Starlight Citadel Pays Homage to the Comics

X-Men Starlight Citadel

Located in the heart of the mystical realm called Otherworld, the Starlight Citadel is a portal through the multiverse. Marvel SNAP gave this slot the perfect mechanic, in that it shuffles the three slots randomly at the end of position 4. This is smart randomization, in that it means the cards can suddenly find themselves placed on slots that work against them; it’s a real game changer.

Weirdworld Is Marvel SNAP’s Most Unique Comic Book Location

Strange World in Marvel Comics

In the comics, Weirdworld is a fragment of a fantasy dimension that was introduced into the main Marvel timeline after 2015 Secret Wars an event. Weirdworld is known for its unpredictability, with heroes struggling to adapt to a realm where the normal laws of physics simply don’t apply. It is therefore appropriate that in Marvel SNAP players draw from each other’s decks, creating a random and unpredictable game where players have to think on their feet.

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Daniel K. Denny