Marvel’s Alien Comic Connects Fireteam Elite Game to Movies

Aliens Annual #1 arrives this summer, bringing back the series’ first protagonist: Gabriel Cruz. His first xenomorph encounter will be revealed.

New details of Marvel Comics on an upcoming issue of Extraterrestrial reveals that it will connect the game, Aliens: Fireteam Elite to movies. Extraterrestrial Annual #1 is about to conclude the first main chapter of the comic. However, before that, he has the possibility of introducing connective thematic threads.

Extraterrestrial (2021) is Marvel’s first comic book series with the franchise since the Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of Twentieth Century Fox. In addition to moving the film rights to a larger umbrella, it also resulted in a change in comic book licensing from Dark Horse Comics to Marvel Comics. marvel’s Extraterrestrial introduced new characters, new xenomorphs, and now it could also add to the connective lore of the franchise’s wide array of properties.


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In the news from wonder, Extraterrestrial Series writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson shared the excitement he has for this series and its placement within the larger framework. Extraterrestrial universe. Extraterrestrial Annual #1 is a giant sized issue coming this summer. It will focus on Gabriel Cruz, the protagonist of the first arc of the series and his story. Specifically, “his deadly run-in with the Xenomorph”. Potential art for the issue has been shared by Marvel, along with a synopsis and quotes from Johnson.

Years before Bloodlines, Weyland-Yutani’s head of security, Gabriel Cruz, was a businessman. His dedication to WY came first, whatever the cost. But when the company decides to conduct a test experiment with a Xenomorph, will Cruz stand idly by and let innocent soldiers die?

Extraterrestrial Annual #1 will be Salvador Larroca’s last as a comic artist for Extraterrestrial, as Marvel will be announcing a new artist soon. Johnson says “for Salva’s final chapter as an artist on the show, I wanted to bring him back to one of our favorite characters we created together: the protagonist of LinesWeyland-Yutani’s lifelong trigger man, Gabriel Cruz.” It makes sense to close aliens first major chapter of a new era with a return to the man who started it. However, given its history and the show’s current placement in the franchise timeline, another statement from Johnson is particularly interesting.

My mission statement for Marvel’s Extraterrestrial has always been “make it look like the movies”. But for this chapter, we had the opportunity to tie the movies to one of my favorite games in recent memory, ALIENS: FIRETEAM ELITE. From the first moment I played this game, I wanted to see Gabe in his prime with his fellow soldiers, face to face with xenomorphs and combat synths. This is what readers (and gamers) will see in the year: a chapter that belongs on the shelf alongside the movies, but also alongside the beloved game that my fellow superfans have spent so many hours on. to play in the past year.

The universe of Extraterrestrial is massive, spanning decades of comics, novels, and video games. Now, Marvel could be taking steps to start connecting different pieces together, digging deeper into franchise lore. That would make sense given the point in the timeline the series is set in. Alien #1 started in 2200 and remained that year for the majority of the arc. Extraterrestrial Annual #1 will refer to potentially twenty years earlier, around 2180 – a year after the overtaking of Hadley’s Hope by xenomorphs in aliens (1986). However, the second arc – beginning in issue #7 – takes place in the year 2202. This is the same year in the timeline as the events of Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The connection could just be thematic in nature, having an elite team taking on xenomorphs, but there’s no better time than the present to start intertwining. marvel’s Extraterrestrial with the rest of the universe. Extraterrestrials Annual #1 goes on sale June 15.

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