Marvel’s Avengers Adds Black Widow Comic Skin

Black Widow is getting a brand new costume in Crystal Dynamics Marvel’s Avengerswith a comic-inspired outfit coming to the game this week.

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The new costume is inspired by the 2020 series of Black Widow comics, especially the fifth issue in the series. This issue sees Natasha Romanov don a more secretive costume, complete with a balaclava and a power bo staff with which to eliminate opponents.

While a price for the skin wasn’t revealed in the announcement tweet, it’s safe to assume the costume will cost 900 credits (about $9) when it appears in Marvel’s Avengers‘ market tomorrow.

The new Black Widow skin comes as Marvel’s Avengers “The Red Room Takeover” event continues until September 29. This event tasks players with entering Yelena Belova’s HARM room, a single-player mode that pits you against a variety of different enemies and obstacles that players must overcome in order. walk away with some rewards.

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Users can also log in to claim their free MCU skins, as Crystal Dynamics is still celebrating the game’s second anniversary. Those who log in before October 1 can claim costumes from iron man 2, Thorand The Avengers, as well as some articles. Amazon Prime Gaming members can also redeem Captain America’s New Vintage outfit via Amazon.

Daniel K. Denny