Massive collection of DC and Marvel comics up for auction

A massive collection of vintage DC and Marvel issues are up for auction. Many comics feature the first appearances of characters such as Daredevil.

A massive collection of over 30,000 vintages DC Comics and Marvel Comics questions is auctioned in Newcastle. Many comics have great historical value because they feature the first appearances of characters such as Daredevil.

For nearly 30 years, Anderson & Garland have been selling rare comic book collections, estimating over 100,000 comic books a year. As head of the image department, John Anderson has a great idea of ​​the value of comics going through the auction, having earned an honors degree in fine art.

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As originally reported by Live ChronicleAnderson & Garland Auctioneers is the largest comic book auction in Newcastle, containing over 30,000 valuable comics, including titles such as The Avengers, Batman, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, and much more. On February 15 and 16, the auction taking place at Westerhope Auction House will be open to interested buyers from around the world. Speaking about the upcoming auction, Anderson said: “In an average sale we have around 30,000 comics, we expect Daredevil #1 to be the most popular comic in this last auction simply because it’s a major Marvel character and it is a number one, it will be at least two or three thousand pounds.

Although the auction contains comics of extremely high value, Anderson said the lowest price is usually between 25 and 30 pounds. At a previous auction, Spider-Man’s first appearance in Incredible Fantasy #15 (1962) sold for 37,000 pounds. The expert said it was “the most expensive comic in the world”, especially when found in good condition. The copy sold by Anderson & Garland was rated only 4.5 out of 10, hinting at the high price at which a perfect quality edition would be purchased.

While it’s his job to auction the collection, Anderson is admiring of the library he’s built over the years, saying: ”I am now surrounded by a collection that I would have aspired to when I was a collector myself.” Many comics in high demand at auction are tied to their appearances in other media, like the DC Extended Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This year, titles like Moon Knight are expected to do particularly well with the upcoming Disney+ series. It’s a common trend in the industry, as Morbius comics have recently started selling out as the movie nears. Anderson & Garland’s extensive auction promises to have comics of interest to collectors of several popular characters.

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