MCU Phase 2 Reimagined As Comic Art In Celebration Of Variant Cover

Marvel Comics is once again reproducing MCU moments on variant comic book covers, this time bringing back the events of Phase 2 of the Infinity Saga.

the MCU Phase 2 returns in a host of new variant covers. the art as this part of the Infinity Saga covers many issues across different titles. Each cover focuses on a different Phase 2 film, which fans will be able to easily recognize.

Phase 2 of the Infinity Saga is made up of six films. These include iron man 3 (2013)Thor: The Dark World (2013), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), guardians of the galaxy (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), and The ant Man (2015). Each of these movies will get their own variant cover for an ongoing comic book series. The heroes of the MCU are represented alongside a few major villains, including Yellowjacket and Ultron.


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The variant covers were announced by Marvel Comics, along with the illustrators who created them. Captain Carter #1 will feature a cover of Declan Shalvey, Thor #23 designated cover is by Ryan Stegman. The cover for Avengers #54 is illustrated by David Nakayama, while the Captain America/Iron Man #5 the cover has illustrations by Valerio Schiti. The last two variant covers will be paired with Avengers Forever #4 with the art of Skan, and Iron Man #18 with the art of Alexandre Lozano. They will be released throughout March. Check out Marvel’s latest comic book covers here:

These covers will begin releasing on March 9, starting with Captain Carter #1 and Thor #23. The next will be Avengers #54 and Captain America/Iron Man #5 March 16. The final week of releases, March 23, will include Avengers Forever #4 and Iron Man #18. The covers are amazing, allowing fans to relive their favorite Phase 2 moments. The Guardians of the Galaxy cover features the main team, with Milano visible in the background. The cover with Ant-Man and Yellowjacket recreates their miniaturized battle. The mental stone is the focal point of the Avengers: Age of Ultron blanket, while Ultron lurks in the background and the Avengers are assembled. The Hulkbuster/Hulk clash is also present.

Inspired by The Winter Soldier the cover features Captain America, Black Widow, Falcon in his debut, and Bucky as the titular Winter Soldier. Arnim Zola’s computerized consciousness is also visible on the right side of the cover. Thor and Malekith face off once more on the Thor: The Dark World cover, while Iron Man’s army of armor takes flight on the iron man 3 blanket. These are some of the biggest moments and characters from the MCU’s second phase. Previously, Marvel Has Released Phase 1 Variant Covers from the Infinity Saga. It seems very likely that the future will also bring the last two phases. Fans can start collecting them Phase 2 MCUs variant covers in March 2022.

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