Mexican American superhero helps Ukraine in independent comic book to benefit UNICEF

Freelance comic book creator Héctor Rodríguez has released a digital comic to raise money for war-affected children in Ukraine.

Freelance comic book creator Hector Rodriguez released a digital comic to raise money for war-affected children in Ukraine. Readers can purchase the comic featuring Heroes of El Peso for whatever prize they choose, and the proceeds will go to UNICEF.

Recently, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promoted Mexico’s hands-off policy in light of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The response prompted Héctor Rodríguez, comic book writer and Chicano artist, to think about ways he could contribute and make a difference, as the Mexican president had chosen not to involve his country. The bilingual fifth-grade teacher turned to a Mexican-American superhero he conceptualized in 2011 called “El Peso Hero,” who fought real-world threats including the cartel, corrupt politicians and human traffickers.


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Originally reported by BNC News, Rodríguez published an 18-page comic online through Rio Bravo Comics to raise donations for Ukrainian children. The comic tells the story of El Peso Hero, as he is tasked by the Red Cross to find a missing person in Ukraine amid the disaster. After some hesitation about leaving his country, he goes to kyiv and realizes the dark state in which they find themselves. The number titled El Peso Hero: Ukraine East available on Rio Bravo Comics for any donation amount that readers are willing to contribute to the cause.

While other creators have also found ways to give back to the people of Ukraine through comics, Rodríguez came up with the idea independently. He spoke about the initiative, saying, “This comic is in direct contradiction to Mexico’s current policy on war… Mexico’s total neutrality is very disappointing to me, as it has always been there for humanitarian causes. So if Obrador does not intervene, then El Peso Hero will do the right thing for Ukrainian citizens. He also spoke about the original purpose of El Peso Hero, which initially became a topic of conversation when he appeared on a comic book cover in 2015 punching President Donald Trump. The illustration was a political commentary in response to his comments about immigrants being criminals and rapists. “El Peso Hero is a symbol of what other countries should do to help Ukrainian children and citizens. Readers will see him facing two bad options. But as a superhero, he always invents a third option that is a force for good, regardless of politics.

Comic book readers familiar with the history of the medium might recall how creators frequently used superheroes in political commentary during the Golden Age. Throughout the Superman comics by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, the Man of Steel frequently battled politicians who harmed society. Famous Joe Simon and Jack Kirby depicted Captain America beating Adolf Hitler and fighting the Nazis during World War II. Now heroic comic creator Hector Rodriguez continues his legacy.

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Source: BNC News

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