MTG’s Fan-Favorite Necromancer Stars in New Comic Series

Liliana Vess, Magic: The Gathering’s favorite dark-mana planeswalker, is back in a new comic series from BOOM! Studios, released in April 2022.

Necromancer, Healer, Planeswalker, Teacher, Villain, Hero: Liliana Vess is all of these things and more, including the star of an all-new comic book series. the Magic: The Gathering the fan favorite will be the main character of Magic: The Hidden Planeswalkerthe second Magic comic series published by BOOM! studioslicensed from Hasbro, Inc., and in partnership with Wizards of the Coast LLC, as of April 2022.

Liliana made her debut in 2007 as part of Lorwyn, the first Magic: The Gathering set to present the Planeswalker card type. Since then, she’s been a constant presence in the game, appearing on dozens of cards and becoming the poster child for mages using dark mana. His popularity with the fandom is also due to the deep character development granted to him in Magic: The Gathering scenarios. Liliana has a tragic past: the awakening of her spark (the unique ability that allows individuals called planeswalkers to roam the multiverse) coincided with the death of her brother and the destruction of his domain in the world of Dominaria. Driven by her desire for power, Liliana ended up making dangerous deals with four different demons, and even becoming the servant of Magicthe greatest villain of: the dragon-god Nicol Bolas. However, she has also made powerful and trusted friends, including the Sentinels and her sometimes lover Jace Beleren.


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In recent storylines, Liliana has finally found the freedom she’s been looking for for so long. She slew her four demonic masters, got rid of the Warp Veil, a powerful artifact that attempted to possess her soul, and even helped the Sentinels defeat Nicol Bolas on Ravnica during the Spark War. This victory, however, came at the cost of Gideon Jura sacrificing his life for Liliana, an act of selfishness that completed the Necromancer’s path to redemption. Having severed all ties to her past, Liliana moved to the plane of Arcavios, where she became a professor at the Magic Academy Strixhaven, under the alias of Professor Serafina Onyx. This is where the story in Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker starts, after BOOM! The success of the studios Magic series that began in 2021. Feeling the call of a distant and incredibly powerful planeswalker, Liliana begins a journey of discovery that will put her on a collision course with another of Bolas’ former minions, Tezzeret, the Master of Metal.

the announcement of BOOM! studios stipulate that Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker will be a four-issue series, written by Mairghread Scott (Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy), with works by Fabiana Mascolo (Firefly: brand new verse). Magic is the latest in a list of licensed properties that BOOM! Studios features in his comedic imprint, including Dune: House Atreides by Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson and Dev Pramanik; and Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers series by Ryan Parrott, Marco Renna and Francesco Mortarino. The first issue of Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker features primary cover art by Karen S. Darboe (Black is the new black), variant covers by Awanqi (good asian), Yanick Paquette (wonder woman), and Junggeun Yoon (spider woman), and even a set of awesome secret login variant illustrations by Miguel Mercado (Mighty Morphin, Power Rangers), the first of which features Sorin Markov, who vies with Liliana for the spot as the most popular (and stylish) dark-mana Planeswalker.

Over the years, Liliana has won the hearts of Magic fans with her sardonic and cheeky demeanor, her penchant for staying stylish even in the most difficult of situations (e.g. raising an entire army of undead), and all the classic traits of an anti-heroine and fatal Woman. the BOOM! studios series Magic: The Hidden Planeswalker will explore the character’s future, showing what lies ahead Liliana Vess now that she has finally found redemption…for how long, that remains to be seen.

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