MURDER MYSTERY 2: Netflix comedy sequel filming in Hawaii

Murder Mystery sequel is now filming in Hawaii for Netflix

Adam sandler and Jennifer Aniston are back in the next netflix the comedy, Murder Mystery 2, which is currently filming in Hawaii.

When the comedy of 2019 Murder Mystery premiered on Netflix, many expected a big hit despite a low critical approval rating thanks to the sheer power of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. In the film, Sandler played a cop who takes his hairstylist wife (Aniston) on vacation to Europe and becomes entangled in a murder plot. This film did not disappoint in terms of ratings. He set records that have since been broken, but he did really well. It’s now been reported that the sequel (which was announced last September) is filming in Hawaii, and set photos have left people trying to find out more about the movie. They might not know much, but Sandler and Aniston really look pretty good.


These set photos showed Sandler and Aniston walking beside each other in colorful outfits while Aniston sported a nice big hat. Sandler wears sunglasses. Sandler is dressed in blue while Aniston wears a green blouse and skirt. Some people who have seen the extras’ costumes on set are considering the possibility that Hawaii could be a stand-in for India. More will be revealed as details are released.

Adam Sandler may have been snubbed by not getting the Best Actor Oscar nomination for his tremendous performance in the drama Uncut Gems but his comedic work opposite Jennifer Aniston has earned him fans since the 2011 pic, Go for it. This movie did even worse with reviews than the original Murder Mystery and arrives with a gruesome 19% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, many moviegoers didn’t care about the reviews, as evidenced by CinemaScore’s formidable “A-” rating and $103 million in domestic box office receipts. It grossed $214 million in total worldwide. Audiences love the chemistry between Sandler and Aniston.

the original Murder Mystery was watched on 83 million Netflix accounts for at least “two minutes” and was a huge score for the streamer. It landed in the company’s top five most-watched films upon release. Since then, films like red notice stole some of his glory. Keep in mind that red notice cost nearly $200 million to manufacture Murder Mystery didn’t even cost half the price. You can bet that audiences will stream the second film in the Murder Mystery series when it’s available on Netflix because people seem to love this undeniable and fun chemistry between Sandler and Aniston. Well maybe not the reviews. They probably prefer Aniston’s work on “The Morning Show.” Nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming sequel starring Sandler and Aniston.

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Daniel K. Denny