New Batman ’89 comic pays homage to Martha Wayne

DC’s Batman ’89 # 6 will have a cover variant created by Julian Totino Tedesco that perfectly captures Batman’s origin in a tragic image.

Comic book designer Julian Totino Tedesco revealed his cover variant for the latest issue of Batman ’89. The sixth and final issue will include a chance for fans to purchase a beautifully visceral cover that artistically evokes Martha Wayne. A pearl necklace has rarely been as recognizable as those of Batman’s mother on the night of her death.

Batman ’89 is a limited series of DC Comics that continues the story started in the film Batman (1989). It introduced Harvey Dent before he became Two-Face, will introduce Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, and pays homage to the classic Batman movie. The covers of the series have been visually appealing, but this new twist is a stunning way to end the story. It directly evokes Bruce Wayne’s recurring nightmare and the start of his journey to become Batman.


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On Twitter, Julien Totino Tedesco shared the cover he created for Batman ’89 # 6. It features Batman in the center in his costume, with the bat symbol serving as the Batman (1989) logo. Flowing down from the top white space of the blanket is a trail of pearls. A quick glance may not be enough to fully capture the weight of these pearls, but this composition is full of meaning. These simple, shiny spheres are Martha Wayne’s pearls ripped from her neck during the robbery – and murder – in the alley outside the Gotham Theater.

At first, this blanket looks quite simplistic. It only features Batman, a few beads, and his logo, with predominantly black and white bases. However, this is a direct nod to the film itself, which was the first Batman film to focus on Martha Wayne’s jewelry as part of her tragic disappearance. This eventually became an element that would be repeated in several other films starring Batman, including Batman begins (2005), Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and more recently, Joker (2020). The beads on the blanket direct the viewer’s eye downward, curving along the blanket, with uneven spaces. This is a masterful interpretation of the elements that captures the drop of pearls once the necklace has been broken. This breakup reflects the breakup Bruce goes through emotionally as a result of his loss. It also serves as the entire basis for its identity going forward – one that has come to fruition within this particular series.

It’s not only a perfect Batman cover in terms of composition and meaning, it’s also the perfect cover to finish. Batman ’89. The Dark Knight has been around for eighty-two years, and even with all the comics and movies he’s been in, there are still new ways to capture his life, journey, and accomplishments. Tedesco proves that there are still ways to rehash the same origin story that feels fresh, even though fans have seen Bruce’s parents’ deaths occur frequently. This cover also reveals how simple yet effective comic book covers can be at telling their own story. The complexity can be visually intriguing, but well-thought-out simplicity reveals the most provocative stories at times. Martha wayne the major inheritance is his son and his fall comes after the fall of his pearls. Batman ’89 – featuring the final emotional confrontation between Batman and Harvey Dent – out January 11.

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