New York Comic Con 2022 needed a lot more superheroes


This past weekend was New York Comic Con. I’ve never been to a comic book convention that I didn’t enjoy, and I’m sure if I could have attended this one, I would have really enjoyed it. But from reports received by Bleeding Cool, this was a tougher and bolder New York Comic Con than experienced by some in the pre-COVID era. Not all to the convention or its organizers, but to New York — and New Yorkers.

1. So Good They Called It Lice

Ryan Stegman tweeted “I saw a man shoot himself in the middle of the sidewalk this afternoon and a bunch of rats last night! New York really lived up to my expectations of what I thought I was as a kid!!!!” A comics director at a New York comics publisher (the contestants for this have been winnowing, I know) told me, “The big talking point was how disgusting NYC has become, especially in this domain. People did not feel safe even during the day. , To go for a walk.”

New York Superheroes

2. New York Thieves

And it looks like New York Comic Con has become a new opportunity for thieves and pickpockets in a way it might not have done before. Rumor has it that two capital security guards had their vests stolen, which were then used by thieves to loot stalls all over Artists Alley. There are also reports that two other guards were fired from the show for being caught selling passes they had acquired. Here are the experiences of some people published on social networks. Now, trade show thefts are not unheard of, but there seems to be a preponderance of this at this show, compared to others and in previous years.

Terry Leahy Jr.: I’ve had a Canon RP and a Sigma 24-70 stolen from me in #NYCC, does anyone get it back?

Lauren Walsh:There’s a special place in hell for people who rob artists in artists’ alley. As we are not big companies who can just eat the costs. You are directly impacting someone else’s bottom line. I heard a lot of people had stuff stolen this weekend at the NYCC. As far as I know, I haven’t stolen anything, but I haven’t taken full inventory yet.

Jean Paul: I lost my backpack on Sunday between 4:30 am and 5:00 pm in the Cosplay Central area. Hoping someone didn’t steal it. Please. To help.

Lauren Walsh: Welp…looks like $200 in Woubble stickers was stolen. Cool. I keep everything behind the table and had help most of the weekend. So the only way they could have done that was to go behind my stall while I walked away to use the bathroom. Also, while I appreciate ko-fis, I can’t charge you that price. It’ll be OK. So despite all this it’s nothing compared to all the joy and positivity I experienced this weekend. You are all truly wonderful.

Kelly McKernan: I had stickers stolen

Tap: A few pins are missing

Suzerain: New York comic was awesome until someone stole my zim invader hat i made Theft this year was unreal I know 4 other people who had stuff STOLEN

Charly: Guess who had their phone stolen at NYCC on Thursday??… It was so upsetting, I think I felt really betrayed because it was at the Javitz in particular and I’ve been there so many times with no problem??… The emotional boost of Comme. Buying ice cream and immediately having someone steal my phone was devastating.

Jamie: Oh NYCC nerds. On the one hand, my partner has made a lot of money thanks to your appetites this weekend. On the other hand, one of you stole his phone and I want to fight.

Kianna Marie: To the person who stole my phone at NYCC yesterday, your mom is a hoe and I wish you the best. Karma is a bitch homie, and I hope he hits you like a bullet train traveling at top speed. to rot

Lea Marilla Thomas: To the absolute punk who stole my gift bag at the Yellowjackets party:

Jennifer: #NYCC was awesome until someone stole your cell phone. So to the asshole who stole my phone from the FU booth and when I get the security footage I’ll post them here for everyone to see what an asshole you are

Aquaho: For the man who stole my charger in New York, you’re a tramp

We’re also told of a vendor at the salon who was attacked when he caught someone stealing it. So many people dressed up as superheroes, so few crimes fought. I was told that there seemed to be a much lower presence of police and security personnel than in previous years as well.

3. Men behave badly

We have previously reported on a cosplayer who died during the show, although we have not included a version of this report that, rather than helping him when he had a seizure, people chose to take pictures instead. There was also another fatality reported just outside the show when someone slipped and fell.

The press line, which skipped the general public queue, also had an incident by a reporter who complained and became aggressive that he could not enter the lounge until ten. As a result, this press area was not opened early, causing all journalists to lose the privilege of entering on time. And there were the online fights on Sunday to see Peach Momoko, which saw her stop signing all together.

4. Mask On, Mask Off

And yes, again, despite all the cosplay superheroes the mask policy was never enacted, during the show one particularly egregious example was reported to BC as “I would see staff standing near from the escalator to the trade show trying (and failing miserably) to hand out masks while exhibitors from bands like webtoon are maskless, literally two feet behind them handing out free shit tells you everything you must know.” ReedPOP’s Popverse has earned a lot more.

5. Who’s next?

It just seems like there was a lot of bad behavior throughout the weekend, from all kinds of people. Have people forgotten how to behave at comedy conventions? Have people lost courtesy or empathy towards their fellow human beings during lockdown? Or is it just New York? ReedPOP’s next big show is MCM London at the end of the month. I’ll be there in person for that one, so let’s see how it goes. London is better than New York. Please.

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