Nightwing Has A Bounty On His Head In DC’s Most Unique Comic

In DC’s upcoming issue of Nightwing, an award has been put on the head of Dick Grayson in a groundbreaking new comic that is a continuous panel.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Night Wing # 87

In the next issue of Night wing, Dick Grayson will face a bounty placed on his head in what will be one of the most unique issues of DC Comics they have ever released. As we’ve been teasing for a few months now, the next one Night Wing # 87 will be a continuous panel, with no page breaks or borders. As a result, the new issue is bound to be an exciting and wild race beyond surprise that it will be specifically Dick Grayson who will be targeted rather than Nightwing.

From the writer Tom Taylor and the artist Bruno Redondo, Night wings It was amusingly reported that the continuous panel number was almost three times the length of the number’s editor when fully unraveled. As previous black and white teasers have revealed, Dick Grayson’s Nightwing will be on the run and attempt to outsmart his enemies. However, rather than having the normal borders and page breaks that comics usually use to communicate movement, Redondo instead drew several different Nightwings in various poses in sequential order to communicate Grayson’s left-to-right movement. when it browses the single panel.


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Now the official preview pages for Night Wing # 87 have been published, revealing more of the story behind this incredibly unique problem. Apparently a bounty will be placed on Dick Grayson’s head thanks to the former Boy Wonder’s recent announcement that he would use the billions of dollars inherited from the late Alfred to help the town of Blüdhaven. However, it seems that some would prefer things to stay as they always have been and for the city to be kept in its current obscurity. As a result, it appears Dick Grayson was sentenced to death before he could implement his plans to help his town. Here are the preview pages as well as the synopsis for the next issue:

Night Wing-87-1
Night Wing-87-2
Night Wing-87-3
Night Wing-87-4-5
Night Wing-87-6-7
Night Wing-87-8
Night Wing-87-9
Night Wing-87-10

This special Nightwing issue is ONE CONTINUING IMAGE! That’s right, if you put each page next to each other, you’ll have a poster image with that story! Now that billionaire Dick Grayson has publicly dedicated his funds to saving Blüdhaven, he’s a wanted man – and that’s why he finds hitmen breaking in to steal his dog, Haley!

Obviously, this issue seems like a huge labor of love on the part of Redondo and his awesome works. Plus, the story Taylor weaves will undoubtedly be a compelling one, just as Nightwing moves through town in a way readers have never seen before. With so many bad people wanting Dick Grayson dead, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s doing something good to Blüdhaven. However, we’re hoping Dick’s dog Haley doesn’t have to pay the price for the target that’s now behind his back, as the synopsis teases.

In all cases, Night Wing # 87 Looks like this will be an awesome issue that fans will definitely want physical copies of. With any luck, it looks like Dick is about to change Blüdhaven’s status quo in some pretty big way. As such, it seems appropriate that Night wing would get a dynamic and groundbreaking issue to mark the new era he hopes to start in DC Comics. Night Wing # 87 releases December 21.

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