‘Our Country’s Veterans’ comic book gets a makeover

The American Legion’s “Our Country’s Veterans” comic strip teaches young people what a veteran is, the variety of roles they can play in the armed forces, their service and sacrifice, how to thank a veteran and how to be a good citizen. The comic recently underwent a major overhaul to update veteran war eras – to include Iraq – uniform and dress style, diversity, a depiction of all six service branches and more Again.

The comic “Our Country’s Veterans” is available for buy through Emblem Sales, Item No. 755.304. The cost is 75 cents each or 100 for 59 cents each. This comic strip is an educational tool that members of the Legion Family can give to elementary school students to help them understand the military service of our men and women.

The story tells the story of four young people who help dedicate a new memorial for veterans, hear the stories and contributions of people they know who served in the military, and share the importance to thank American veterans.

The “Our Country’s Veterans” update is part of the American Legion’s “Rally Around the Flag” campaign. Two other American Legion comics, “I swear allegiance” and “The flag of our countryhave also been updated but new versions of each are not yet available.

Daniel K. Denny