Pokemon Card Thieves Tie Up Comic Book Store Owner, Threaten To Kill Him

Michael Gwilliam

Published: 2022-09-22T19:05:29

Updated: 2022-09-22T19:05:52

The police hunt two Pokémon card thieves who beat up the owner of a comic book store and threatened to kill him before leaving with goods.

It’s been a ridiculous year for Pokemon card crime, and they show no signs of stopping amid the popularity of their collection – with some of the most valuable cards selling for thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, with the hype and ever-increasing card value, thieves have taken extreme measures to steal, including assaulting those in their path.

The latest victim is a Lower Southampton, Pennsylvania comic book store owner who was threatened with a knife on September 18.

Thieves Attack Comic Book Store Owner, Steal Pokemon Cards

According to a report by PatchLower Southampton Police were called to a comic book store on Sunday after two men entered the store and asked the owner to help remove merchandise from an upper shelf.

When the owner climbed a ladder to retrieve the item, one of the men knocked him to the ground and the two began beating him.


The thieves stole Pokemon cards after assaulting the comic book store owner.

The shop owner was then tied up with black ties and a knife was held to the man’s throat as the thieves threatened to kill him if he did not cooperate.

Eventually, the two pulled out duffle bags and began filling them with Pokémon cards, figures, cash, books, and other items belonging to the store owner, such as his keys and laptop.

Once chased by the police in the woods, the two suspects left the sports bags behind, but the pair have yet to be found.

One of the suspects was wearing a black hoodie, jeans and trainers, but removed the hoodie during a police chase to reveal a Rolling Rock beer t-shirt.

The other suspect was wearing a Deadpool t-shirt, black pants and sneakers. The shirt ended up being picked up by the cops.

Evidence will be submitted to the Pennsylvania State Police Crime Lab for forensic analysis. Anyone with information is urged to contact Detective Dan DiLello.

This is just the latest in a wave of wild Pokemon card crimes. 2022 has seen cards stolen at gunpoint, suspects leading police on wild car chases, and even a heist involving a collection worth $500,000.

Daniel K. Denny