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As we informed you last week, the highly anticipated relaunch of Boom Studios’ sister series of their Power Rangers franchise is off to a good start. Combined orders of Mighty Morphin # 1 and Power rangers # 1 has over 170,000 copies, eclipsing the original record-breaking launch in 2016 when Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 1 topped all comics released by Marvel in its first month. As we also brought to your attention last week, Ryan Parrott and Marco Renna’s Mighty Morphin # 1 went on sale and Boom FOC made two second print covers earlier this week.

Not to be outdone, we also inform you that the Power Rangers # 1 of Ryan Parrott and Francesco Mortarino have also sold for sale. As expected, Boom is offering two second print covers for Power Rangers # 1 which will be FOC next Monday. And that’s a good thing, because we’ve also learned that the two Mighty Morphin # 1 and Power Rangers # 1 foil covers offered for Local Comic Shop Day were already sold out before release. Now we can show you that the first second impression of Power Rangers # 1 is another character design cover from Once & Future artist Dan Mora, this one featuring the ultra big bad The Empyreal, and the second is the other half of the connecting cover image in red Hot cover artist Justine Frany which complements the image offered for the second print of Mighty Morphin # 1 connecting the Justine Frany cover.

Retailers and fans alike should continue to catch up with these twin series. Traditionally in superhero comics there’s a main series and a second banana, which sells a fraction of the main series – think Batman and Detective Comics or Amazing Spider-Man and … well, everything in between. of Spider-Man in any given month. What Boom is trying to do is release two series from their most popular franchise and make them just as important. Will retailers and fans buy the locations? Probably not, but if so, how long will it take everyone to catch up with demand?

Speaking of Mighty Morphin, FOC’s # 2 on Monday as well, and raises the stakes for the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team still on Earth after their former teammates, now the Omega Rangers, help Lord Drakkon escape in a desperate attempt to stop the looming threat of the Empyreal. God help me, the previous sentence really means to me. The issue features the first appearances of not one, two, or three, but four new variations of the Evil Infantrymen – The Putties. The Putties are a mainstay of the Power Rangers franchise, but rarely a real threat to heroes. Rather, they serve as faceless infantry that the Rangers must defeat before the real threat arrives, much like the Chitauri in Marvel’s Avengers. Well, it looks like Ranger architect Ryan Parrott is aiming to change that by introducing four new, more deadly specialist versions of the Putties, the last of which is overloaded in a way that reminds me of the popular “Venomized” idea at Marvel. Will they stay? Only time will tell, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time Boom has introduced new elements (see Lord Drakkon, Ranger Slayer, Solar Rangers, etc.) to the Power Rangers pantheon that eventually end up in many. other media.

And the Rangers franchise is certainly heating up in other media as well with the announcement of a new Power Rangers movie coming from the Hasbro Entertainment One affiliate and director Jonathan Entwistle. What are the odds that comic book writer and scribe (including on the Boom’s Angel series) Bryan Edward Hill will tap into the new comedic series elements for the film?

If that happens, these early issues of the Power Rangers revival will certainly be a less expensive investment than the first and major issues of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Mighty Morphin # 2 FOCs on Monday November 16, alongside Power Rangers # 1 second impression.

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