PUBG Webtoon Comic Series Now Available

First announced on January 28, WEBTOON and popular video game franchise PUBG team up to release three new titles. Now, PUBG Webtoon Comic Series titles are available to read.PUBG Webtoon Comic Series

According to the comics platform, the new titles in the PUBG WEBTOON series are Retirees, nights of silence, and the 100. All these elements are defined in the PUBG universe.

PUBG (Where Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) is a popular Battle Royal video game. The game takes players into a large-scale battlefield and forces them to fight until one remains. PUBG WEBTOON comics are a mix of thriller, horror and action.

In light of the release, PUBG Universe Vice President and Director Zion Lee said:

Whether we are working on video, written or illustrated content, we are always looking for the best in their respected industries. WEBTOON was a natural fit for partnership. Together, we look forward to expanding our universe with new stories to tell and reaching new audiences through WEBTOON’s global platform.

PUBG WEBTOON Comics Breakdown

Retirees takes place in the distant future. People live in a utopian society known as the Retreats but at the cost of a disenfranchised lower class. To escape the life of servitude, brine citizens are given the opportunity to fight on the battlefields for the chance to become a retreat. Now John Canty, a citizen of Brine who has lost loved ones on the battlefields, must make the ultimate choice. As he meets a boy who looks just like his son, John must decide if the battlefields are worth surviving.

nights of silence follows Leah, and as she returns to her hometown, she discovers her father’s apparent suicide. Leah discovers that the evidence might suggest otherwise when she begins to read between the lines.PUBG Webtoon Comic Series

The 100 tells the story of Hoyoung Cheon, who must survive the 100-person battle royale known as Battlegrounds. His only weapons are a frying pan and a gun. Not only that, but Hoyoung is also tasked with finding an Assemblyman who was captured and tricked into the games.

Since January 29, the PUBG Webtoon comics are available in English.

Daniel K. Denny