Punks Comic 2 Sells Fast: What You Need To Know About New NFT Comic Starring CryptoPunks And Bored Apes – Sponsored By adidas (ADDYY)

Well-known NFT and intellectual property company Pixel Vault released their latest NFT collection on Friday, which saw huge demand and rapid sales.

What Happened: Pixel Vault published comic punks Issue 2 “X Marks the Spot” Friday. The show was sold for 0.10 Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) each. People were limited to hit 20 per trade.

A one hour first access window was available for Pixel Vault Founder DAO NFT owners. This window was to be followed by a one-hour early access for all Pixel Vault NFT owners and a public release.

The first version of the main edition of 10,000 PUNKS Comic Issue # 2 sold out within the first hour of the first version.

“Our story resumes as Courtney and the PUNKS must work alongside the Elite 8 Apes to defeat the infamous Frank Lopez and earn a Legendary Bounty. This tale features a new monkey on stage, Indigo Herz, in their first adventure through the Metaverse, ”the issue’s description reads.

the comic teams punks with Bored Monkey Yacht Club and silver to lead Adidas Originals into the metaverse. The show follows an announced partnership between Pixel Vault, Gmoney and Adidas AG (OTC: ADDYY).

PUNKS Comic features artwork by artist Marvel and DC Comics Chris Wahl. The comic was written by Josh blaylock.

Some in the Pixel Vault community and the NFT community were upset that they weren’t given the chance to create the comic due to the early sale. Pixel Vault founder GFunk hosted a Twitter Space on Friday to respond to comments and complaints from the public.

“Today has been both an amazing and very tiring day. I take all of your comments seriously and we will continue to improve with each project. I am here to listen. Your support has helped my dream come true.” , Gfunk tweeted.

Upcoming releases of PUNKS Comic Issue # 2 will include a second version of 6000 Collector’s Editions of Elite Ape. This edition will feature eight different covers, with NFT 750 of each cover. A third version of 3000 Main Edition Issue # 2 will be free for minors of Issue # 1.

Bestsellers number 2 were 1.01 ETH, 0.925 ETH and 0.91 ETH. At the time of writing, the floor price is 0.4 ETH.

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Why this is important: The second issue in the series follows the successful issue # 1 “The Hunt for Lost Thieves”.

The first comic followed 16 PUNKS on a “quest to capitalize on the metaverse revolution through enigmatic relics of crypto art history”.

Number 1 launched in May with a cost of 0.2 ETH, or around $ 720 at the time. Those who purchased the first issue were rewarded with additional mints and airdrops along the way as part of the Pixel Vault NFT ecosystem.

PUNKS owners can stake or burn their comic after purchase. Staking a comic gets a user $ PUNKS tokens over a 24 month period and fractional ownership of 16 CryptoPunks worth 600 Ethereum when the comic launches.

Users who engrave their comic get a DAO from the founder, which gives ownership of $ PUNKS tokens and other crypto assets.

As reported earlier this year, PUNKS Comic sees demand from NFT collectors and investors, including venture capitalists.

A burn mechanic and new NFT launches in addition to PUNKS Comics draw more people to Pixel Vault.

Wolf Ventures Management partner Doug Clinton pointed out Pixel Vault and PUNKS as being similar to buying a share of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) based on the assessment of future earnings.

“When an NFT creates a flow of return to the owner, the NFT can be valued on tangible assets rather than intangible assets,” Clinton said.

Pixel Vault’s long-term goal is to release a video game focused on the MetaHero universe.

GFunk told Benzinga that the MetaHero universe is expected to take “a long time” to fully develop, but the team plans to “intelligently shift it” so people can experience the game as it develops.

GFunk expects Pixel Vault to be around a year away from releasing a working game that incorporates NFT characters.

“I think it’s going to be really fun to see these two worlds intertwined,” GFunk said.

GFunk told Benzinga that those who are willing to be patient with the MetaHero Universe project will be rewarded in the same way that those who believed in the vision of PUNKS Comics and bought early were rewarded.

Photo: Courtesy of twitter.com/punkscomic

Daniel K. Denny