Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile Revealed in Batman Comic Art

As Robert Pattinson’s new Batman draws ever closer, his version of the Batmobile makes a surprise appearance in Puppeteer Lee’s new comic.

Fans eagerly awaiting the new film will be able to see Robert Pattinson’s batmobile teased in Batman comic art. The cover is set to release in March as a variant of Detective comic #1056. It is illustrated by puppeteer Lee with Amancay Nauhuelpan handling interior art for a story written by Mariko Tamaki.

Puppeteer Lee is the working name of Chinese artist Lee Chak Khuen based in Malaysia. Specializing in science fiction and fantasy, Lee works primarily as a concept artist, citing his attention to detail as a downside as it can make a comic book page feel less dynamic. He also made covers for infinite border, Spawnand Picture The Burned.


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This variant covers for Detective comic #1056 features the back of Pattinson’s Batmobile rather than showing the entire vehicle. Batman stands on it in the rain, brooding as he tends to. His face is shrouded in darkness, so no one can see that he is actually Robert Pattinson. It’s reasonable to assume it’s him though, as the Batsuit he’s wearing is the same as the one in the movie. The Batmobile’s engine is also on. Light, presumably some kind of fire, emanates from the thrusters.

Although the film has yet to be released, reception for the new Batmobile has been largely positive based on what has been seen in photos and trailers. With the Christopher Nolan-directed trilogy and the DCEU, the Batmobile has been moved to a more tank-like design, so it’s nice to see this new version of the Batmobile getting closer to a muscle car look. It also has a much more muted feel, something resembling a car you might actually find on the road, as opposed to the flashy, bright Batmobiles of the past, as in batman forever and the Adam West television show.

The issue itself will feature the Scarecrow’s return after his massive defeat in the state of fear crossing. Scarecrow is currently locked up in Arkham Tower as a hostage situation unfolds and the Bat Family rushes to save the day. Irvin Rodriguez illustrated the book’s standard cover, and the Puppeteer Lee variant won’t be the only one. Lee Bermejo will also have a variant cover for the book as well as a 1:25 variant cover by Jorge Fornes. The forty-page book will be filled with back-up history by Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco when it comes out March 8, four days after Matt Reeves’. The Batman the film will hit theaters on March 4and. Fans looking forward to the movie and the comics just have to check out this cover of Batman and the batmobile get excited.

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