San Diego Comic-Con 2022: Proof of vaccine, mandatory masks required

One of California’s largest and best-known international events, the San Diego Comic Convention (Comic-Con), announced Thursday that it will buck the trend of recent events in California and rgoing back to both the mask requirements and the need to be vaccinated or show proof of purchase.

Since its beginnings in 1970, Comic-Con has not only been one of the biggest comic book conventions in the world, but over the past few decades it has transformed into one of the biggest culture events. pop of the year with movie and TV announcements, premieres, celebrity panels and a host of other newsworthy entertainment events catching the world’s attention. More than 150,000 people attend each year and tens of millions more watch for announcements from the convention.

Comic-Con 2022 will be the first time the event has returned in its entirety since 2019 after a cancellation in 2020 and a convention in 2021 being a significantly reduced event, both due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, the convention center has been used both as a homeless shelter to protect homeless people from COVID-19 and as a temporary migrant center to help ease the migrant crisis at the border. However, much like other events across the state, Comic-Con was set to return to normal this year.

Instead, organizers are treating it as if COVID is still in effect.

According to Comic-Con Organizers, everyone, from attendees and exhibitors to the press and celebrities coming as guests, will have to respect the protocol. An approved face covering must be worn at all times, with everyone also required to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours

“At all San Diego Comic Convention events, the health and safety of our stakeholders is our top priority, and for this reason, we will continue to implement policies and protocols based on national health guidelines. / local and public health recommendations as we prepare for Comic-Con July 21-24, 2022,” said congress organizers Thursday. “We are delighted to be back together after such a long hiatus. But we want to make sure everyone who attends is as safe as possible. »

However, many in the convention industry have noted that Comic-Con may actually hurt itself by implementing COVID-era restrictions again.

“It’s just going to scare people away at this point,” Clara, an industry events planner, told The Globe on Friday. “COVID is now just a jolt, but they are treating the event as if it were a throwback to when rates were high and many deaths were occurring every day.”

“Besides those who are not vaccinated, many people will be put off by these restrictions. Many celebrities might not even attend because of this. Conventions that still have these restrictions, even larger events where they might be more Understandable with so many people from all over the world gathered in one place, turned off people left and right. And Comic-Con will be no exception. It’s still crazy what’s going on today.

Comic-Con is scheduled to be held at the San Diego Convention Center July 21-24.

Daniel K. Denny