Scotch Plains Comic Shop reopens after car crash in store

SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ – Three weeks after a car hit A Little Shop of Comics in Scotch Plains head-on, the store has reopened.

The store announced its reopening last Saturday, November 6.

“People, we are open! Said A Little Comic Book Store. “We’re open for business again! It means shopping inside the store! “

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The store also thanked residents for their support during the reconstruction process.

Currently, the front door is not available and guests are requested to use the rear entrance.

The crash happened on October 16 at 1:45 a.m. In the video at about 20 seconds, you can see a silver 2011 Mazda CX7 hurtling down Front Street before crashing head-on into the comic book store at 387 Park Ave. while exiting a traffic pole along the way. The SUV does not appear to stop or brake. Read more: Car hits Scotch Plains comic book store head-on: video

Two people were seen in video exiting the SUV and walking away just before police arrived.

Police discovered the SUV had crashed and was partially inside a building, Scotch Plains Police Captain Jeffrey Briel said.

The Scotch Plains, Union and Elizabeth Fire Departments also helped secure the scene as the building sustained structural damage.

The driver, identified as Adrian L. Elias, 24, of Morristown, was arrested for drunk driving and automobile assault, Briel said.

Elias was taken to Overlook Hospital for treatment of neck pain. There were three other passengers in the SUV. Two passengers were uninjured and one with a cut on his forehead who refused medical treatment, Briel said.

The building’s utilities were disconnected and four apartments in the building were evacuated.

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Daniel K. Denny