Six-Year-Old Banbury Publishes First Comic – ‘Dinosaur Nerd Boy’

Six-year-old Logan Smith from Banbury has written and published his first comic book called Dinosaur Nerd Boy (pictured by his mother, Samantha HK Smith)

A six-year-old schoolboy in Banbury has written and published his first comic book “Dinosaur Nerd Boy”.

Logan Smith, who attends Grange Community Primary School, recently wrote and published his first comic book. The 16-page comic, illustrated by Oxford artist Joshua Cornah, follows Logan as he is sucked into a video game and encounters dinosaurs.

This is the first issue of what he hopes will be an adventure series. Logan funded the comic book project himself using his savings, paying market rates to the artist and the comic book printing company.

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The cover of the new comic book written by six-year-old Logan Smith (pictured by his mother Samantha HK Smith)

He completely sold out his first print, which sold for £3 each on Etsy.

Her mother, Samantha Smith, said: “We are doing another limited run on Etsy of 25 more copies and that will be the end of the first edition and all future copies will be a second edition and will be Amazon only.

Logan worked hard to produce his first comic book, spending four months figuring out where to print it and how to sell it, with the help of his mother.

The back cover of the new comic written by six-year-old Logan Smith (photo by his mother Samantha HK Smith)

Samantha said: “He’s already writing the second issue, having made a profit on his first venture and will be bringing dinosaurs, robots, creepy poachers and aliens to the next release.

“If it continues to sell well, a dinosaur book is in the works, with Dinosaur Nerd Boy/Girl/Heroes products (included) to come.”

The love of writing runs in Logan’s family. Her mother has published two books under the name Samantha HK Smith and jointly runs a publishing company called Grimbold Books. The book society seen here: publishes science fiction, fantasy and dark fiction books.

Samantha, who works full time as a detective at Banbury Police Station, said: “I am passionate about literature and want to support him in everything he does.

Dinosaur Nerd Boy comics written by Banbury schoolboy Logan Smith (Submitted Photo)

“I also want to show young children that dreams are worth pursuing. Creative outlets can often be overlooked, but by supporting our children and being their biggest fans, we nurture the next generation of writers, d ‘artists, poets and musicians.

Samantha had the novel “In Search of Gods and Heroes” published by Grimbold Books. And then her second novel, “ANNA”, was published in hardcover in May 2021 and in paperback in February 2022.

Samantha added, “Writing runs in our blood and I’m in heaven. Logan is pushing himself.”

Daniel K. Denny