Superhero Comic ‘Harbinger’ Will Get Wes Ball’s Film Adaptation

Superhero Comic 'Harbinger' Will Get Wes Ball's Film Adaptation

Deadline reports on a new superhero movie in the works from director Wes Ball based on the comic book series Presage.

Ball is best known as the director of the maze runner films, which have thematic similarities with Presage as both stories follow teenagers facing a great threat.

Presage belongs to Valiant Comics. According to Valiant Entertainment website, Presage follows protagonist Peter Stancheck who learns he has psychic powers and is lucky enough to be inducted into the Harbinger Foundation. A major comic theme is that “all power comes at a price”. The comic was first published in 1992, giving 30 years of material for filmmakers to work with. It’s unclear which part of the film will be directly based on the comic book story.

A new film from a comedy franchise that has yet to receive a movie adaptation will shake up already huge demand for superhero movies. The landscape of superhero movies defined by the MCU and DCEU has set clear trends in the industry and this new Presage the film will continue established trends or subvert expectations. Either way, superhero fans have a new franchise to look forward to. It is currently unknown which actors will appear in the film.


Daniel K. Denny