Superman #14, an iconic comic from the Golden Age, at Heritage Auction


Superman #14 features one of the most iconic covers of the Golden Age, and perhaps only rivaled by Action Comics #1 when it comes to Supe covers. Fred Ray was the artist, and you wonder if when he was done with that cover, he took a step back and looked at it and just dropped his jaw. Name me a more iconic image from this period. Oh, to be alive during the Golden Age and growing up from the start of Superman. On sale today at Heritage auctions, is a breathtaking CGC 8.0 copy of this important and vital comic. You may never see a finer copy of it in your lifetime. The flow bid the $6,500 price tag reflects that. Check it out below.

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As iconic as Superman is

“Superman #14 (DC, 1942) CGC VF 8.0 Off White Pages. A Heritage/CGC poll ranked this book’s cover, by Fred Ray, among the ten best of the entire Golden Age of comics, and Overstreet rates it as a “classic patriotic shield cover”. The issue contains an advertisement for Sensational comics #1. A sight to behold, we think you will concede that this high quality copy is indeed a special book. Watch our scans on Overstreet Value 2021 VF 8.0 = $8,350. CGC 3/22 Census: 9 out of 8.0, 14 more. Untitled Superman Story, Screenplay by Jerry Siegel, Art by Leo Nowak [as Joe Shuster]; When people attending a concert at Monmouth Hall are robbed, seemingly without their knowledge, Clark and Lois attend the next night’s concert to see if lightning strikes twice. Untitled Superman Story, Screenplay by Jerry Siegel, Art by Leo Nowak [as Joe Shuster]; When young Chet Farnsworth’s invention, a dry chemical, is successfully used to put out a building fire, the young man hastily signs a contract with an unscrupulous man. Two-page humorous Rollin’ Stone by Ray McGill. Story of Jinx Job by Norman Goss. The Marked Man Story by Edgar Weston. Clancy the Cop two pages by Henry Boltinoff. 68 pages, in color. Cover price $0.10.”

This is such a special book that you can bid on as a Superman fan. To go here and find out more about this one, and place a bid if you like. While you’re at it, check out this session and the amazing books taking deals. There are doozies.

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