Superman brings great prize to heritage comics and comic book art auction

DALLAS – Man of Steel climbed to $ 360,000 and an original art page from one of the most beloved Batman / Joker stories of all time won a bid of $ 156,000 to lead the sale at the Heritage Auctions comic and comic book auction from July 9 to 12. Superman # 1 (DC, 1939) CGC VG / FN 5.0 in off-white pages is the first title ever devoted to a single superhero. The issue is a timeless prize that can be the centerpiece of any serious collection, and the copy offered in this sale is one of the ten best copies of the title ever certified by CGC. The volume includes four Superman stories contributed to Action Comics by Siegel and Shuster, as well as a new origin story and four unpublished pages.

Few comics have had such lasting effects on the entire DC Universe as Kill the joke, which was one of Alan Moore’s best-written stories, one of Brian Bolland’s best-drawn tales, and one of the best Batman / Joker properties of all time. Original work by Brian Bolland, Batman: The Killer Joke Story Page 2 (DC, 1988) comes from the artist’s 1988 collaboration with Alan Moore, who has since influenced almost every Dark Knight tale. The nine-panel slice of black – featuring Batman and Commissioner Gordon walking past Arkham Asylum cells filled with villains, including Two-Face – opened for $ 62,500. Then the bidders fought for the coveted page, pushing it beyond its estimate of $ 100,000 to its final sale price of $ 156,000, the highest level Heritage ever achieved for a page from this influential book. .

A more detailed recap will follow in a future issue.

Daniel K. Denny