Talking to Liam Sharp at the Lake Como Comic Art Festival


I read Liam SharpComics have been around for as long as I’ve been reading superhero comics. Since the days of Skull II and blood seedthrough the The Incredible Hulk and so on until recent successes with Wonderwoman, The Green Lantern and Batman: Reptilian. And at the Lake Como Comic Art Festival, I had the chance to sit down and chat with him about the show, his current project Starhenge of Image Comics, what got him there and what he’ll be working on next, like XO Manowaris the relaunch of Valiant. Here is a brief video chat with the man.

He talked about how attending the show made him happy throughout the event, something that has been a bit lacking in his life lately. He talked about excitement and evangelism for the show, meeting his hero Dave McKean for the first time, and buying a page of his work, at a very good price indeed. After all, me too! And he confesses that he’s been working on Starhenge in one form or another since he was a teenager and started transferring his love for Greek mythology into English mythology and how the two worlds intertwine. Hence, Starhenge, in a land ruled by gods. He plans four Star Henge books, the first six issues, then XO Manowar between book one and book two, but he also has to adapt to get a doctorate from the University of Derby. The next time we see him will be Doctor Liam Sharp!

Liam Sharp at the Lake Comic Comic Art Festival, photo by Rich Johnston

The Lake Comic Comic Art Festival is a comic book convention that takes place every year in Villa Erba, Cernobbio, Como in Italy (pandemic permitting). It focuses on the big names in comics from the United States, United Kingdom and mainland Europe, and attracts fans, collectors and dealers with an attendance cap and a relatively high price. This provides better access to creators and allows creators to maximize their income, all in the incredibly attractive landscapes, culture, history, art and architecture of Lake Como.

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