The 10 best comics that have risen in value over the past week include Captain Carter, Darth Vader and more

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This week’s Top 10 features an (almost) fresh new list. The only repeat entry is Batman #2 (2011, New 52), with the first mention of the Court of Owls and prompted by THE BATMAN’s speculation for the next film’s villains. Joining the roster is another Batman New 52 title with the first appearance of Bluebird, who joins the cast of CW’s GOTHAM KNIGHTS. HBO’s new DMZ trailer helps her first comedic appearance trend. We also had two Star Wars books on the list, one based on content from the new OBI-WAN Disney+ trailer and the other on the comic book heat around a key character, Marchion Ro, threatening the Jedi in a considerable way. One of Spider-Man’s lesser-known rogues, the Stranger, gets an entry, as does Storm and T’Challa’s daughter’s possible appearance as a Black Panther from another timeline. The “Captain Carter” series was released with a stunning 1:25 “What If” animation style variant. Finally, the Great Lake Avengers take first place! Can you repeat that please!? Well, now you need to read on.

#ten: Demilitarized Zone #1 | VERTIGO | 2005 | The full trailer for HBO’s DMZ series was released recently and received mixed reactions due to some of its significant departures from the original comic book series. That said, anticipation for the new Rosario Dawnson series saw a high sale of $395 for a CGC 9.8 with commodities at a FMV of $30.

#9: TIMELESS #1 MARK BUCKINGHAM – 3RD PRINT | WONDER | 2022 | On the right side of this 3rd print, a Black Panther woman with white hair is depicted. There is speculation that this could be an alternate reality version of Storm and T’Challa’s daughter. Although there is no confirmation of this, selling has been moving rapidly all week, with commodities trending at a current FMV of $13.

#8: #2 | CC | 2011 | With THE BATMAN heating up the box office, many have come out of the film discussing what might be next for Robert Pattison’s Batman. Although there’s a spoiler-filled hint as to where the next movie might go, many fans are hoping for an appearance from The Court of Owls. Robert Pattison was recently asked about the Court, and he replied that the Court of Owls is “probably going to be in the sequel. I mean, I’m just guessing.” This bit of speculation helped the first appearance of Talon, the Court Assassin, and the first mention of the Court in this issue to take off. With much debate surrounding the first court appearance, the market still favors question #6. We followed a high sell of $60 for a CGC 9.4 with commodities at a FMV of $30.

#7: STAR WARS: DARK VADER #6 | WONDER | 2017 | If you’ve seen the Disney+ KENOBI trailer, you’ve seen clear footage of the Inquisitors and Grand Inquisitor, whose first appearance in STAR WARS: DARK VADER #6 was already on fire before the trailer, thanks to speculation and rumors. We followed a sell high of $600 for a CGC 9.8, with commodities trending towards a FMV of $92.

#6: STAR WARS: THE ADVENTURES OF THE UPPER REPUBLIC #2 | IDW | 2021 | While he made a brief appearance in HIGH REPUBLIC ADVENTURES #1, this 2nd issue features the first full appearance of Marchion Ro. Marchion has been a key opponent in the High Republic titles, seemingly controlling the Levelers, aka the Nameless. Levelers are weapons/creatures of immense power that can nullify and disconnect Jedi from the Force and even turn them to stone. Marchion’s influence over the Levelers makes him a huge threat to the Jedi. After this reveal, fans rushed to grab a copy of the already hyped first appearance. Last week we tracked a high sale of $150 for a CGC 9.8, with raw copies trending at a FMV of $24.

#5: CAPTAIN CARTER #1 ANIMATION VARIANT (1:25) | WONDER | 2022 | This “What If” animated variant of Captain Carter #1 was already shaping up to be one of the hottest books of the week. High-priced pre-orders set the bar for this high-demand issue. We tracked a high sale of $95 for a raw copy. While FMV has since settled at $60, sales have rallied back towards those initial highs.

#4: #28 | CC | 2014 | Per Deadline regarding CW’s GOTHAM KNIGHTS, “Fallon Smythe plays Harper Row. Described as streetwise, acerbic and often underestimated, the blue-haired bisexual is a gifted engineer who can fix anything. But what Harper wants above all else is to fix the shattered lives of her and her brother, Cullen, the only person she trusts.“Harper Row’s first appearance is in Batman #7 New 52 (2012). However, Harper’s first appearance as Bluebird is in this issue, Batman #28 New 52 (2014)of which we tracked a high sale of $165 for a CGC 9.8, with copies raw at $15.

#3: KING CONAN #3 | WONDER | 2022 | As mentioned last week, writer Jason Aaron recently came under fire for naming his highly sexualized supernatural princess in this issue the name Matoaka, which is known to be Pocahontas’ real name. The true story of Pocahontas is now considered a tragic story, centered on slavery and abuse. Aaron apologized, admittedly unaware of the sensitivity of the use of the name, and noted that “the character’s name and appearance will be adjusted for the remainder of this miniseries and in all digital and collected editions. “. Aaron also donated all money received for this issue and donated it to the National Resource Center for Aboriginal Women. So, although it hasn’t been recalled, it will be the only copy bearing Matoaka’s name and thus send collectors rushing online to get a copy. We tracked a high sale of $25 for a raw copy, although the current raw FMV is $10.

#2: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #116 | WONDER | 1986 | Deadline reports that “Catch-22 star Christopher Abbott is set to join Sony Pictures’ Marvel film Kraven the Hunter, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the title role. While unconfirmed, sources say Abbott will play the The film’s main villain, The Foreigner – one of Spider-Man’s greatest adversaries in the comics.” The Foreigner’s first full appearance in this issue started trending after all the cheap copies initially disappeared. We tracked a high sale of $150 for a CGC 9.6 and raw copies at a FMV of $38.

#1: WEST COAST AVENGERS #46 | WONDER | 1989 | If your 2022 bingo card had a West Coast Avengers problem, then you’re doing pretty well. However, if you have the first Great Lakes Avengers issue on your list, then you’re a savant. This team, consisting of Doorman, Flartman, Dinah Soar, and Big Bertha, was a team of misfits and Marvel D-list heroes. This book is trending specifically because of Mr. Immortal, who first appeared in this issue and is set to appear in the upcoming Disney+ SHE-HULK series. This speculation steams from a leaked SHE-HULK audition for a character named Dr. Revive, who many believe is Mr. Immortal. Although unconfirmed, this helped a high sale to $365 for a CGC 9.8 with raw copies at a FMV of $17.

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