The 10 best comics that have risen in value over the past week include Doctor Doom, Hercules and more

This TOP 10 has THOR: LOVE & THUNDER heat this week. But don’t worry, we’re not here to spoil! Some less than eight billion geniuses appear this week, muscled by dark knights. Dr. Doom makes an impromptu appearance with the magnetism master. High-profile new character Tosin retains a spot among newcomers to the roster. Dive (carefully) into this week’s TOP 10!

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#ten: BLACK PANTHER #3 | WONDER | 2022 | Tosin officially (and FINALLY) appeared in BLACK PANTHER #7, retaining a spot in our TOP 10. Once again, fans are picking up on his first appearance in Black Panther #3 (although they never stopped). We can’t wait to see the continued development of one of Marvel’s hottest new characters. This week we tracked it at a high sale of $177 for a CGC 9.8, with raw copies at an FMV of $56.

#9: X-MEN #1 – COVER D – MAGNETO | WONDER | 1991 | X-Men #1 for 1991 has evolved steadily over the past six months. While many comic experts are reporting that many big books are suffering from slower sales, shoppers have turned to cheaper sticks. This iconic series from Chris Claremont and Jim Lee has radically changed modern Marvel comics. It doesn’t hurt that these covers, especially Magneto’s, are fantastic. Plus, with X-Men ’97 a year away and the iconic theme appearing in MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS, fans are grabbing this issue featuring the Master of Magnetism. We trailed it to a high sell of $104 for a CGC 9.8 and gross FMV of $17.

#8: DOCTOR DOOM #1 | WONDER | 2019 | For such an amazing character and villain, it’s amazing that it took until 2019 for Dr. Doom to get his first solo series. Still, here we are, and here he is in our TOP 10. With Reed Richards appearing in the MCU and a Fantastic Four movie on the horizon, their greatest enemy isn’t far behind (we hope). Rumors have been swirling around the “evil” Doctor (or maybe just a power-driven narcissist) joining the MCU for some time. MCU writer Eric Pearson explained how he wanted to bring Latveria into the MCU in Black Widow. This is before the most recent story regarding Howard Stern and one movie in particular. Either way, it’s good to see! We trailed it to a high sell of $140 for a CGC 9.8 and gross FMV of $13.

#seven: A-FORCE #1 – STEPHANIE HANS (1:25) | WONDER | 2015 | Taking into account all THOR: LOVE & THUNDER spoilers, this book comes out of the movie release. We’ll leave it at that for now (don’t worry, we’ll come back to it next week when people catch up). We trailed it at a high sell of $325 for a CGC 9.8 and a gross FMV of $154.

#6: BATMAN #125 – JOCK – FOIL (1:50) | CC | 2022 | DC spoiled the community by sounding in the introduction of the villainous Failsafe with plenty of fantastic bat covers. Specifically with Jock crushing this 1:50 variant. The bright yellow background is reminiscent of old Batman emblems, with Jock portraying the Dark Knight as he appears in Criminals’ Nightmares. Fans loved it. We tracked it to a high sale of $77.38 for a raw copy and a FMV of $56.

#5: BATMAN #125 – COVER M – FAILSAFE – DESIGN | CC | 2022 | As noted, this issue features the first appearance of the new villain Failsafe. It also has many variations, all made by the best artists in the industry. AND they are all fantastic. Both Jim Lee and Alex Garner deliver impressive high-paying replays. However, these are quite expensive. Ultimately, this open-order variant is the only cover to offer Failsafe. We tracked it to a high sale of $21.99 for a raw copy with a FMV of $16.

#4: EIGHT BILLION GENIUS #1 – BIRD CITY – TRISH FORSTNER – SUPER MARIO 3 HOMAGE (LIMITED TO 500) | PICTURE | 2022 | Eight billion geniuses kept the hype going! This Bird City Comics Mario Homage, drawn by Stray Dogs’ Trish Forstner, leveled off last week to reach a new high sale of $275 gross! In a sea of ​​vibrant and awe-inspiring variant covers, this book hits fans into 8-bit thrills.

#3: THE ANNUAL SPIDER-MAN SPECTACULAR #4 | WONDER | 1984 | In the first issue of the Iron Cat series, we learn about the identity of the women under armor. The revelation is a blast from the past, in the form of Tamara Blake! This revelation sparked a lot of interest for his first appearance in this issue of Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #4. We tracked it to a high sale of $51 for a raw copy and a FMV of $25. Not bad for a book that regularly sold for less than $5 a month ago!

#2: HERCULES #1 | WONDER | 1982 | Again, spoilers and such. If you’ve managed to avoid the internet lately, aside from our impressive list here, congratulations. Like many other fans, dive into cool comic book history with this book as they push Hercules to our second place. We tracked it to a high sale of $450 for a CGC 9.8, with gross sales regularly hitting $30.

#1: EIGHT BILLION GENIUS #1 | PICTURE | 2022 | This standard cover is a rare number one spot repeater. Amazon’s recent announcement of this book makes it no wonder we’re seeing a repeat. This book would inevitably appear on more people’s radars as media coverage increased, letting the more remote corners of the community know what they were missing in this fantastic story. We tracked it at a 7-day trend of 123%, with a high sell of $26 for raw copy.

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