The 10 best comics that have risen in value over the past week include Spider-Man, Nova and more

This week’s Top 10 again features the first appearances of young Nova corp member Sam Alexander and veteran corp member/Marvel Icon Richard Rider. The Moon Knight Disney+ series inspired hesitant collectors to finally pick up the first issue of its 1980 run. The rest of the roster is filled with new contenders like the first appearance of Stephanie Brown (Spoiler aka Robin aka Batgirl), another first Star Wars appearance and Black Mask’s recent optional title “Black”. Ben Reily’s transport to Chasm landed three covers from that first appearance on this week’s list. Finally, a new Robin appearance in BATMAN BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT takes the top spot along with some important aftermarket trends.

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#ten: BLACK #1 | BLACK MASK | 2016 | Deadline recently reported,” ‘The First Purge’ Helmer Gerard McMurray to Adapt ‘Black’ Comic for Warner Bros., Studio 8″. This news instantly helped all of the first issue’s trending covers. This first impression makes the list with a high sale of $199 for a CGC 9.8 and a gross FMV of $39.

#9: STAR WARS: WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS – JABBA THE HUTT #1 – BERNARD CHANG | WONDER | 2021 | As we frequently notice, Star Wars comics are ripe with the first appearance of characters we can barely pronounce. For that reason, it doesn’t take much to help a Star Wars book trend. The recent highlights around this question and its various variants are a perfect example. This issue features the first full appearance of Bounty Hunter Deva Lompop. It’s unclear if we’ll see her in future content. However, her fun and unique look has made her a recent fan favorite. We tracked a high sale of $100 for a CGC 9.8, with raw copies trending at a FMV of $12.

#8: FIRST POINT #1 | WONDER | 2011 | There are rumors that the Richard Rider and Sam Alexandar versions of Nova are in active development. Sam’s first appearance in this issue is still hot with a high sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 and raw copies at an FMV of $39.

#7: DETECTIVE COMIC #647 | CC | 1992 | Last week, Variety reported that “‘Gotham Knights’ CW Pilot Features Anna Lore as Stephanie Brown.” Although this issue features the first appearance of Stephanie Brown (who appears as The Spoiler), she also went by the moniker Robin and Batgirl. It’s unclear what role she’ll play in the series, but this key issue is hot anyway a high sale of $60 for a raw copy. However, the current gross FMV is trending more towards $20.

#6: NEWS #1 | WONDER | 1976 | While Sam Alexander as Nova is unconfirmed to appear in the NOVA project currently in development, Richard Rider’s Nova is almost a sure thing. His first appearance in this issue has been trending since Kevin Feige first mentioned him several years ago. With official confirmation, this number is now on fire with a high sale of $750 for a CGC 9.6 and a gross FMV of $111.

#5: MOON KNIGHT #1 | WONDER | 1980 | This highly anticipated Moon Knight Disney+ series is finally here with an episode and Episode 2 just hours away. Unlike any other Marvel content, this series offers audiences an intriguing and unpredictable new addition to the MCU. Interest in its debut issue spiked last week with a high sale of $800 for a CGC 9.8 and a gross FMV of $83.

#4: INCREDIBLE SPIDER-MAN #93 – GERARDO SANDOVAL (1:25) | WONDER | 2022 | Ben Reily, a clone of Peter Parker, embarks on a new persona as the villainous CHASM. This new role will divide a LOT of fans. Despite the controversial new change for one of Spider’s first alternate characters, we tracked a high sale of $70 for a raw copy, which settled at an FMV of $53.

#3: INCREDIBLE SPIDER-MAN #93 – ARTHUR ADAMS | WONDER | 2022 | While not entirely celebrated on this new path for Ben Reily, fans were still in for that first Chasm appearance, causing all the trouble trending with a high sale of $20 for a raw copy. This price has already fallen to a FMV of $6.

#2: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #93 – PATRICK GLEASON – WEB HEAD | WONDER | 2022 | Of all the Chasm variants, Patrick Gleason’s is the only one with Chasm on the cover (sort of). It is currently tracking a gross FMV of $26.

#1: BATMAN BEYOND: THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 | CC | 2022 | This issue features several new appearances that could morph into Bat’s future key roles (it’s also a fantastic read). However, it is currently trending due to a cameo appearance by Red Hood’s sidekick, a new Robin. It was quickly the hottest book of the week with hundreds of secondary market copies selling at a current gross FMV of $20.

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