The 10 best comics that have risen in value over the past week include Thor, Exiles and more

DOCTOR STRANGE AND THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS premiered only a week ago, but four books with direct ties to the new movie made it to the top ten. Additionally, THOR #1 and THOR GOD OF THUNDER #2 continue to dominate sales, alongside the new BATMAN BEYOND: THE WHITE KNIGHT 2ND PRINT 1:25. A freshly optioned content deal puts ASSASSIN AND SON #1 at the top of the list, and SPIDER-VERSE #6 crawls along with several first appearances from various Spider-Men and Women. However, the first place does not belong to the arachnid and instead goes to a beetle. Find out why THE MIGHTY THOR #326 is the #1 book this week!

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#ten: SPIDER-VERSE #6 | WONDER | 2020 | This issue features many first appearances: The Spinster, Sea-Spider, Spider-Requiem, Garden-Spider, Spider-Sting, V, Sun-Spider, Spidair, and White Widow. SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE will feature Miles Morales traveling through different dimensions, which also includes over 200 Spider characters! With so many appearances, some of those early appearances are sure to hit the big screen, if only for a brief moment. This helped CovrPrice trail raws at a current FMV of $254 with a sell-off of $1,575 for a CGC 9.8.

#9: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2 | WONDER | 2012 | Thor is back in the top 10 this week! Gorr’s first appearance reclaims a spot in the top ten as fans hold on, waiting to see their first glimpse of Christian Bale’s God Butcher! This book will likely reach new heights when we finally see Gorr in future Thor trailers. This week we tracked a high sale of $480 for a CGC 9.8.

#8: BATMAN BEYOND: THE WHITE KNIGHT #1 – 2ND PRINT – VIRGIN FOIL (1:25) | CC | 2022 | Robin’s new cameo has found another way back into the top ten. Released last week, Sean Murphy’s beautifully illustrated ratio blank variant left the print shop on fire. In less than a week, we tracked it to its current gross FMV of $85.

#7: REVENGE #1 | WONDER | 2011 | The MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS is here! America Chavez’s film debut has brought her first appearance back into the limelight. Without spoiling any element of the film, Xochitl Gomez gave a stellar performance as America Chavez. It seems like for the foreseeable future, America is here to stay in the MCU. We tracked the raws at a current FMV of $392 with a high sell of $1,250 for a CGC 9.8.


Another MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS book ranks in the top ten. After her first appearance on Disney+ WHAT IF? animated series, Captain Carter is seen in a trailer for the film MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. It’s only fitting that the same art style on the cover of his first solo series would be so well received. We tracked a high sale of $325 for a raw copy, with an overall FMV of $170.

#5: Thor #1 | WONDER | 2014 | Jane Foster’s first cover appearance as Thor is iconic, leading fans to think of this book with the character in mind. This trend continues after the launch of the THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER trailer, as we tracked a high sell of $501 for CGC 9.8 and gross FMV of $80.

#4: EXILES #3 | WONDER | 2018 | This is an interesting book to see in the top 10. The cover of this book has Peggy Carter in a Captain America outfit, leading some to believe this is Captain Carter’s first appearance, this which is incorrect. As mentioned, this is the first appearance of Peggy Carter, in Captain America’s uniform, who is an entirely different character. Captain Carter’s first appearance in the comics was his March 2022 series, in CAPTAIN CARTER #1. It seems, at the moment, that the fandom is clamoring for this harder-to-find issue. We tracked the raws at a FMV of $69 with a high sell of $500 for a CGC 9.8.

#3: ASSASSIN AND SON #1 | SCOUT COMICS | 2020 | WWE fans are no stranger to 2022 Hall of Famer Shad Gaspard, who penned ASSASSIN AND SON #1. For those who aren’t WWE fans, you might appreciate the fun fact that Shad provided the motion capture for the infamous Kratos in 2018’s God of War. Last week, news broke that this series was optioned for a State Street Pictures film. Since the announcement, this book has generated increased interest. We have been trailing the commodities at a current FMV of $30 with a high sell of $80 for a CGC 9.8.

#2: NEW AVENGERS #7 | WONDER | 2005 | The MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS has teased the debut of many new characters and new team appearances. Once the Illuminati was confirmed in the most recent trailer, fans flocked to catch the legendary wonder group’s first appearance. Since the film is still fresh, we’ll keep quiet about the mind-blowing experience that awaits first-time viewers! We tracked raw copies at a FMV of $72 with a high sale of $415 for a CGC 9.8.

#1: THE MIGHTY THOR #326 – NEWSPAPER KIOSK | WONDER | 1982 | Another interesting book to see in the top ten list! MOON KNIGHT’s season finale had many twists and turns; one of which was to see the fantastic Layla spread her wings and take to the skies in a whole new role (literally). Marvel has since confirmed his new identity as Scarlet Scarab. What’s interesting about this book is that there’s no clear connection between the hero’s TV portrayal and the comic book counterpart. This is the 1st appearance of the second Scarlet Scarab, the son of the 1st Scarlet Scarab who debuted in INVADERS #23. Regardless of this disconnect, this book has seen a massive increase in sales since the conclusion of the MOON KNIGHT series with raw material at a FMV of $43 and a high sale of $345 for a CGC 9.6.

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Daniel K. Denny