The 10 best comics that have risen in value over the past week include Thor, She-Hulk and more

We truly live in a golden age of comic book adaptations, and it’s been good for the hobby. Project news and hype for what’s to come is driving the market this week. Bitter enemies clash in the top ten as the gods clash with God’s butchers. Emerald lawyers, feline thieves, and a fast-paced member of the pop culture community make their way onto the list, along with everyone’s favorite costumed beetle, seemingly precise and comedic. The future is bright for the community if this dichotomous top ten list is any indication!

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#ten: CATWOMAN #43 – SOZOMAÏKA (1:25) | CC | 2022 | Selina Kyle and Harley Quinn make a great pair, beautifully portrayed on this Sozomaika 1:25 cover. This variant encapsulates the contents of the book, the story of a much-needed girls’ night out for Catwoman after her defeat by Black Mask. Sozomaika’s Catwoman variants continue to be hot month after month, with fans flocking to the secondary market as local LCS have been taken down. This variant continues to climb in price with a high sale of $438 for an NM+ raw copy after 25 bids! Wow. However, most currently sell for around $240.

#9: THE SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #1 | WONDER | 1989 | While many are chasing after She-Hulk’s first appearance, the meta-aware (and third-wall-breaking) debut issue of her second series has garnered a lot of interest. She-Hulk finds her specific tone and style in this series that has crossed her many comic book series and inspired her Disney+ series. We followed a high sell of $260 for a CGC 9.8 with commodities at a FMV of $32.

#8: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #2 | WONDER | 2012 | Thor: God of Thunder #2 is back (again) in the top 10 this week! Gorr’s first appearance reclaims a spot in the top ten as fans FINALLY see Christian Bale’s God Butcher! Some in the community are less than thrilled, but fans remain loyal to Bale’s ability to bring this terrifying and nuanced character to the big screen. We followed it to a sell high of $500 for a CGC 9.8 with commodities at a FMV of $158.

#seven: THOR: GOD OF THUNDER #1 | WONDER | 2012 | Key books in a historical series tend to get a bump when adaptations hit the big screen, and this book is no different. The first mention of Gorr the Butcher God goes hand in hand with his first appearance in our previous book. The excitement over Bale’s portrayal of Gorr is palpable, as he has a huge amount of great sources to choose from. After the latest Thor trailer, Gorr remains in the brain as collectors continue to pick up books in which he is featured or mentioned. We followed a high sell of $155 for a CGC 9.8 and a gross FMV of $21.

#6: THE SAVAGE SHE-HULK #1 | WONDER | 1980 | After the recent full trailer (then a still version) of Disney+’s SHE-HULK series, this book has finally picked up the speed it deserves. Disney seemed to take notes on Sonic’s production, tweaking some CGI and watching a large majority of detractors fade away. We tracked it to a high sale of $919 for a CGC 9.8 with raw copies at an FMV of $172.

#5: SPEED RACER #1 | NOW | 1987 | Speed ​​Racer, the demon on wheels, would have received a television series adaptation! According to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, JJ Abram’s production company Bad Robot is set to produce the series, which aims to return to the character’s roots. Speed ​​is adored, first appearing in manga form in 1967, followed directly by an anime version in Japan and later in America. This first ongoing comic book adaptation of the manga is picking up fast as news hits social media, with fans eager to taste the 2008 film Speed ​​Racer firsthand. . The community has strong opinions about JJ Abrams, but one thing he’s proven to bring nostalgia to life on the big (and small) screen, with varying degrees of success. This news sent raw copies to a FMV of $38 with a high sale of $60 for a CGC 9.0.

#4: Thor #1 | WONDER | 2014 | This first cover appearance of Jane Foster as Thor has been a recurring resident of our Top 10 for the past few weeks. With the first full trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s easy to see why fans consistently choose this book. This week we tracked a high sell of $325 for a CGC 9.8 and a gross FMV of $98.

#3: INFINITE CRISIS #5 – JIM LEE | CC | 2006 | Blue Beetle has been around in comics in one form or another since 1939. The newest and arguably the most popular is Jaimie Reyes, becoming Blue Beetle in this issue for the first time. Recent set photos of DC’s Blue Beetle, slated for release in 2023, have been making waves on social media. Xolo Maridueña of Cobra Kai fame portrays the character in an incredible and accurate costume (taken directly from this cover) that got fans fired up after getting their first glimpse during last year’s DC Fandom. With DC’s movie and TV future pretty murky lately, fans are feeling some trepidation but still hopeful that DC can pull one out of the Marvel playbook and have some success portraying such an incredible character and less known. We tracked it to a high sale of $400 for a CGC 9.8 with a gross FMV of $35.

#2: COUNTDOWN PRESENTS: THE SEARCH FOR RAY PALMER: SUPERWOMAN / BATWOMAN #1 | CC | 2007 | DC and Warner Bros came out this week, pushing the market for some lesser-known characters. Per VARIETY, comedian Leslie Jones has been tapped to portray Plastic Woman, who first appeared in this gender-swapped book, in an upcoming DC animated adult comedy. With the success of the Harley Quinn animated show, DC is looking to replicate that momentum with Plastic Woman. They dug deep, but that didn’t stop fans from seeing her first (and brief) appearance! We trailed the commodities at a FMV of $34 with a sell high of $155.90 for a CGC 9.8.

#1: DAI KAMIKAZE! #1 | NOW | 1987 | Speed ​​Racer #1’s preview appearance is a bit out of place in a comic about giant robots, but the demon on wheels is still cool! Fans and collectors are actively picking up this old two-dollar book as news of a new Speed ​​Racer TV series has broken. With a history dating back to 1967, depicted in manga, TV, the silver screen, and comics like this in the 80s, Speed ​​Racer has a diverse and massive fan base spanning multiple generations looking for more. a new version of this hi-octane series. Excitement has driven many to seek out this little press book which can be had for far less than its first manga appearance. We followed it up with a high sale of $30 for a raw copy.

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