The 10 Best Doctor Strange Comic Book Stories, According To Reddit

With the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, fans might want to know more about Doctor Strange. There is no doubt that most strange doctor the comics lean towards the darker side of Marvel. His stories can often be trippy, dark, and magical, especially compared to other Marvel heroes.

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His adventures range from being part of the Illuminati to joining the Avengers and of course, his own solo stories which sometimes involve other heroes, mystical creatures like vampires, or even travels to other universes. Naturally, Reddit users were willing to share their favorite strange doctor comic books.

ten Doctor Strange: The Oath

Doctor Strange in a green/toxic realm, wearing torn clothes and holding the cure for cancer.

The oath is a mysterious Doctor Strange story, which follows Stephen Strange on a quest to solve his own murder. Catching his killer becomes even more important as they have stolen a cancer cure, which he needed to save his friend Wong, who was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

Editor EclipseDota commented “Doctor Strange: The Oath should basically be your primer. It’s well-written and self-contained, and provides a great insight into Strange’s character. I would definitely recommend reading this first.” While some fans say Wong has been handled better in the MCU than in the strange doctor comics, this story is a great example of his strong friendship with Stephen Strange.

9 Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment

Doctor Strange and Doctor Doom use magic and fight monsters side by side.

In triumph and torment, Doctor Strange helps Doctor Doom free his mother’s soul from Mephisto. To do so, the two must enter his kingdom and make a great sacrifice to undo the deal his mother had previously made with Mephisto.

One deleted Reddit user this one suggested, saying, “To me, Triumph and Torment is the best Dr. Strange comic. But I don’t know if you should start there.” While most users agree it’s not the best place to start, the consensus is that it’s a great story for those familiar with Doctor Strange.


8 Doctor Strange: Season 1

Doctor Strange with magic around his hands on the cover of Season 1.

Doctor Strange: Season 1 follows Doctor Strange in his early years as a superhero, covering the accident that led him to develop his magical abilities, only to later train in the mystical arts to protect the Elder from Mordo.

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Reddit user EclipseDota commented “Doctor Strange: Season 1 is a modern take on its origin story. Wong is quite arrogant, more than you’d expect from the movies or any other comic, but it’s a good read as far as I remember.” Season 1 will give moviegoers a different take on Wong since Strange and Wong don’t get along so well in this story.

7 Essential Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange standing with his arms raised in the air, ready to do magic.

Essential Doctor Strange contains some of Doctor Strange’s earliest stories, his first battles with his greatest enemy Mordo, and the first time his origin story was told. Essential Doctor Strange really set the stage for Stephen Strange, his classic villains, and how his magic works.

Editor Suddenly foxes praised his original comics, saying, “Take the Essential Dr. Strange volumes (or the masterpieces) – there are some great stories in these. One of my favorites is his visit to a New England village straight out of Lovecraft.” This story also features Strange in his classic costume, which many fans believe is one of Marvel Comics’ best Doctor Strange costumes.

6 Doctor Strange Vs. Dracula: The Montesi Formula

Doctor Strange sat on the ground, looking weak and exhausted.

Dracula is on a mission to make vampires take over the world, so Doctor Strange must team up with Blade to put an end to Dracula and rid the land of vampires. Scarlet Witch also appears in this comic, making it more relevant to read before Multiverse of Madness.

Reddit user Draculasaurus_Rex commented: “The Montesi Formula is one of my favorite Dr. Strange stories. It’s about him fighting Dracula, with cameos from Blade and some of the Avengers.” There’s no doubt that Dracula is one of the best strange doctor comic characters not in the MCU, but since Blade is currently in development, fans may see this battle on screen soon.

5 Doctor Strange: In Shamballa

Doctor Strange falling into a dark and empty realm.

Doctor Strange: In Shamballa follows Stephen Strange as he visits the Elder and finds a mysterious gift waiting for him. This is a unique Doctor Strange story, as there are hardly any battles, and it mainly explores how he obtained his powers and learned to master the mystical arts.

Editor puyakashah stated, “In Shamballa isn’t heavy on story or character development, but the artwork is amazing.” In Shamballa is definitely one of the most thought-provoking stories about the character. Considering this one has to deal with Strange traveling across universes, it’s one of the best comics to read before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

4 Doctor Strange: A Distinct Reality

An angry Doctor Strange, clenching his hands and ready to fight.

A separate reality follows Doctor Strange through some of his most pivotal moments in the comics, from the Ancient One’s death to his transformation into the Sorcerer Supreme. As many strange doctor comics, it’s another tale in which he travels through space, time, and different dimensions, but this time with new power as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Editor Aglet_Vert rented A separate reality, “I bought it in 2002, and it’s one of the only graphic novels I’m still reading. It’s so good.” While many other Doctor Strange stories feel like a cohesive storyline, this novel reads more like a collection of issues, each with their own interesting and trippy adventures.

3 Doctor Strange, Vol. 1: Across the universe

Doctor Strange wearing a magic space suit in space.

After Doctor Strange loses his connection to his arcane magic, he heads into space alongside Tony Stark to discover new magic and help recharge Earth. across the universe is a unique story, as it is one in which Doctor Strange lacks power and must learn new spells.

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Reddit user 2JasonGrayson8 commented, “I haven’t read a ton of (Doctor Strange) but Mark Waid wrote a great story with him. across the universe was great fun.” across the universe could also be a good starting point for new readers, as it serves as a rediscovery of magic for the character.

2 Strange Academy

Doctor Strange among some students on the cover of Strange Academy

Doctor Strange opens a school for wizards and magic users worldwide, located in New Orleans. Popular magic users such as The Ancient One, Scarlet Witch, and Magik are among the teachers of his new school. In each issue, students embark on magical adventures as part of their lessons and must survive against a new magical threat.

Editor TaedW mentioned, “Although this is not strictly Doctor Strange, I appreciate Strange Academyrevolving around a teenage school for the arcane run by Marvel’s various arcane movers and shakers.” Strange Academy is undoubtedly one of the best fantasy comics for fans of the Harry Potter franchise to read.

1 Doctor Strange: The Way of the Strange

Doctor Strange is chased by monsters and uses the magic of his hands to fight them off.

Doctor Strange has used too many powerful spells, costing him dearly. After waking up in a mysterious place with no spell books or weapons, he must figure out how he got there and why the monsters are hunting him down.

Reddit user Ned_Shimmelfinney commented, “It may be an unpopular choice among long-time Doctor Strange fans, but Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo’s 2015-2017 run is an awesome read in my opinion.” Many other users have responded saying they like this race as well and praised how his artwork matches the character.

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