The 10 Most Powerful Kings In The Comics

With black adam and black panther 2 In theaters, it looks like the kings of comics aren’t content to just rule their pages. They also want to extend their reign at the box office. As this cinematic clash unfolds, it’s a great time to think back to the kings of comics.

Monarchs are always fun characters to write about. The scriptwriters don’t just write the characters, they have to consider the state of their nations. Whether benevolent kings or tyrannical despots, one thing is certain. If they want to remain monarchs, they must be powerful.


10/10 Black Panther

Many have been Black Panther in the comics, but the greatest of them all is T’Challa, son of T’Chaka. T’Challa has so many accolades in his long career that it’s impossible to list them all. However, sticking to the greatest hits is doable and tells fans everything they need to know.

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King T’Challa was part of the Avengers. The Fantastic Four, The Defenders and even The Illuminati. In addition to these esteemed memberships, T’Challa is one of Marvel’s most powerful hand-to-hand combatants, bolstered by a nigh-invincible vibranium suit.

9/10 black adam

Teth-Adam was once a humble Egyptian slave before he received powers from the powerful wizard Shazam. With his new powers, he felled the corrupt tyrants who opposed his people, only to replace them when he grew drunk on the powers bestowed upon him.

Now he is best known as an enemy of Billy Batson, although he remains Kahndaq’s acting leader. In truth, Black Adam has no real aspirations for evil or good. All he cares about is the prosperity of his nation, and he will do anything to achieve it. Being on par with Superman levels certainly helps.

8/10 Thor

Thor was next in line for the throne of Asgard, and after all he’s been through, few dared question his rise when it happened. King Thor in the comics is one of the most powerful cosmic beings throughout the Marvel Universe. The very strikes of his weapons cause reality to warp and weaken with each blow.

In the distant future, King Thor remained the only proof that the original Avengers even existed, and he would continue to do so for many years to come. King Thor is often only summoned when something that threatens the entire universe rears its almighty head. Their heads will soon fall to the wrath of the Allfather.

7/10 Geo-Force

Brion Markov is part of the Markovian royal family and eventually became the King of Markovia. Although young and inexperienced, Geo-Force quickly proved his strength in all aspects of the rule game through his powers and politics. Unfortunately, Geo-Force has often been the victim of betrayal.

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Yet he always bounces back, and during his reign he did the best he could with what little experience he had gained. He was fair in his decisions but firm in showing his strength. This is attributed to his experience as a veteran member of the Teen Titans. Over time, Geo-Force could become an even more powerful player.

6/10 black bolt

The rather amusingly named Blackagar Boltagon, better known as the Black Bolt (conveniently), is the king of the Inhumans, seated on his throne atop the floating city of Attilan. He can fly, manipulate particles, and even telepathy. But that’s not why Black Bolt is so feared by his enemies.

His real power comes from his hypersonic voice. With just a whisper, Black Bolt can reduce entire cities to rubble. It would be the equivalent of the President of the United States having the ability to summon a nuclear weapon on command. This is the “big stick” the Inhumans bring to diplomatic meetings.

5/10 Grodd

Gorilla Grodd is one of Flash’s strongest enemies, and while he’s a ridiculous character on paper, to underestimate him would be unwise. As a hyper-intelligent gorilla, Grodd combines both brains and strength, using both to achieve his own lofty goals. One of his greatest achievements was overthrowing the monarch of Gorilla City.

As the reigning king of Gorilla City, Grodd has set his sights on world domination. Several times, thanks to his intelligence and the strength of his army of gorillas, he even came close. When he’s not ruling, he’s busy plotting with other intelligent supervillains, though his ego often clashes with theirs.

4/10 Namor

Namor is the monarch of Atlantis and is widely considered to be the first canonical mutant to appear in Marvel’s publishing history. A monarch whose alignment declines with the tides, the only certain thing is that for world peace to remain a reality, Namor must be happy.

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Namor is the only national power that could take on the technological marvel that is Wakanda, and they’ve fought multiple times over the years. He is so dangerous because his vast power is easily abused thanks to his temper. Also, for the record, Namor came long before Aquaman.

3/10 Aquaman

Arthur Curry is the current (and most popular) King of Atlantis. Unlike his Marvel counterpart, Aquaman is far more likely to be on the side of good. Yet when he feels his kingdom is threatened, Arthur is quick to show the people of the land why they should fear the oceans.

When Aquaman goes to war with the surface, it’s considered a first-order international emergency. His ability to cause tsunamis at will, not to mention his Atlantean army of thousands. Much like his aquatic predecessor, Namor, his wars with the magically inclined Amazons often shake the world itself.

2/10 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is, without a doubt, one of the most successful monarchs in comics. Politically, Latvia remains on the world stage despite the many atrocities committed by its leader. Militarily, Doom is a one-man army, with the Doombots being more than a match for most human soldiers.

Like magic, Doctor Doom was once in the running to become Sorcerer Supreme. Victor Von Doom is the full package of a monarch and one of the few characters to actively use their position on the world stage far beyond “peace”. Ask any Latverian, and he will praise his glorious Latvian king.

1/10 dream of infinity

Although “king” seems a modest title for the holder of subconscious reality, it is still his title. The Sandman is the King of Dreams, and his realm is mighty, though he often doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Either way, Dream is a monarch of more than mortals can dream of.

Literally, in this case. Morpheus is so powerful that most members of the DC Universe aren’t even a threat to his own thinking. The spell that bound him was only possible because he had already spent an inordinate amount of time battling dreams of dying stars (long story). Either way, Morpheus takes his reign very seriously, and those who value their sleep respect him the best.

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