The 18 Best TV Shows Based On Comics, Ranked

In 1940, the tin-helmeted, turbocharged hero first burst out of the Speed ​​Force and onto the pages of All-American Publications.”Flash Comics” #1. When the publisher merged with DC Comics, this particular Flash, Jay Garrick, was one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America. Barry Allen was the second man to take the title of “The Flash”, adopting the role of the Scarlet Speedster in 1956.

There was a perfectly adequate TV series (starring John Wesley Shipp as Barry) released in 1990, but here we’re focusing on the series that aired on The CW in 2014. Alongside “Arrow,” “Supergirl and “Legends of Tomorrow” is one of many strong titles on this network, but it outshines the others due to its longevity and the way it perfectly captures the style of the comic book.

For a series about running, however, one could argue that “The Flash” has run its course. Like any series that lasts this long, it has become a victim of diminishing returns. It sometimes struggles to keep up with the number of superhumans who now inhabit the crowded confines of the fictional Central City, but at the height of its popularity it was immense fun, with enough twists and turns to propel each season forward. The Flash actor Grant Gustin relishes every minute spent in this costume, and his enthusiasm is enough to spur even the most professional storylines.

Daniel K. Denny