The 5 Best Websites to Track Your Comic Book Collection

If you collect comics, you know it doesn’t take long for all the trouble to start piling up. Even if you have them neatly stored in boxes, it’s a bit of a nightmare to keep track of all the comics you own. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are some great websites and tools you can use to track your comic book collection, some of which are free. Once established, you can use this digital catalog to filter, sort and organize your collection, so you know exactly what you have.

One of the best websites to track your comic book collection is League of Comic Geeks. It’s an incredibly powerful and well-designed platform, and home to over 150,000 other comic book fans. The best of all? It’s free.

If you already follow your comics elsewhere, League of Comic Geeks lets you import them to their site. Otherwise, you can easily and quickly add comics to your collection directly from its database, which is regularly updated with the latest releases.

Once you’ve built your library, it’s fun to browse with high-quality cover images. But it’s more than looks, it’s also super functional. You can browse and filter your collection by publisher, format, creator, character, and more.

You can also create folders and tags to organize your comics exactly the way you like them. And if you want to add a note – maybe you have several copies or yours is missing a few pages – you can do that too.


Finally, all your data is stored in the cloud, so you can browse your collection through any device you want. There’s even an app for Android and iOS, so you can manage and browse your collection on the go.

Whether you’ve recently started collecting comics or have a lifetime of trouble, Comic Book Realm welcomes you. While it offers the ability to track the price of comics and chat with other people on the forum, it also gives you the option to catalog your comic collection for free.

It’s easy to browse Comic Book Realm’s extensive database and add issues to your collection. Once you have it, you can create custom stacks, basically folders that allow you to organize your collection however you see fit. Within these stacks, your collection is broken down by book and issue. You can also view your collection by publisher and series, which is filtered automatically.

Since Comic Book Realm is all about price tracking, one cool feature is that you can see the value of your comic book collection. If there’s something valuable in there, you might consider selling your item on eBay and listing it in the “Member Auction Items” section of the Comic Book Realm homepage.

Comic Connect is highly respected within the comic community and for good reason, it works very well. It’s easy to start building your collection. You can either find your comics by title or scan the barcodes; the time and effort saved by scanning barcodes is immeasurable.

Comic Connect has a stellar database, full of comics and all related information, including hi-res covers. But if something is missing or you want to add your own fields or notes, you can do that too.

Browsing through your collection is a delight as you can switch between different layouts. Whether you want to see all the coverage or are more interested in the data, there is a layout that will satisfy you. You can also share your comic list with friends.

The downside is that it costs $29.95/year, although you may decide it’s worth it considering how well it works. There’s a seven-day free trial to help you decide.

At first glance, Stash My Comics may look like a basic comic book tracking website, but don’t let the looks fool you. It’s packed with amazing features that make it easy to track and navigate your collection. Plus, the website is quick to use and easy to navigate. It’s also completely free – just create an account and you’re good to go.

To get started, you can import your existing collection. You can also build your roster through the site’s powerful search that lets you search by publisher, creator, character, and more. Then, create an automated pull list so your latest comics arrive in your digital library without any intervention on your part.

With your comic collection tracked, you can organize it into folders and apply tags. Besides that, you can monitor the purchase price and the current value of your collection, if you ever want to sell them. Plus, if you collect action figures, you can also track them with Stash My Comics.

Comic Vine is not primarily a comic tracker. The website’s focus is its comprehensive, user-editable wiki, containing everything you could want to know about comics and characters, creators, locations, concepts, items, and more. If you think something is missing, you can add it.

One of Comic Vine’s great features is the ability to create lists. You can put anything you want in these lists, including your comic book collection, and place notes against each entry. You can create as many lists as you want. perhaps divide your collection by publisher, series, or author. There’s also an active community on Comic Vine, so you can chat in the forums, browse other users’ listings, and comment on them directly.

While Comic Vine doesn’t offer as extensive tracking options as the other services we’ve covered, it’s a good choice if you just need something simple.

Read comics online for free

There are so many awesome new comics arriving every week that you’ll never be able to keep up with them all. For the comics you decide to collect, hopefully one of the services we’ve covered here proves a suitable way to keep track of your collection.

If your collection becomes unsustainable, consider reading comics online instead. You can have them delivered directly to your device, in addition to saving paper and storage space. There are even many comics that you can read online completely for free!

Daniel K. Denny