“The Batman” is a superior comic adaptation

I don’t want to oversell it, but “The Batman” might be my favorite Bat-flick.

Batman’s brooding, brooding, and angsty almost antihero felt somewhat out of place in a superhero landscape dominated by bright Marvel blockbusters. There’s so much to say about Warner Bros.’ various attempts. to recreate the juggernaut that is the MCU. I feel like one of the things that works so well in ‘The Batman’, playing only in theaters where it proved to be very popular last weekend, is that it doesn’t try not to sell Batman as a brilliant superhero, or to glam up his violence and retaliation. Instead, Bruce Wayne is a wounded, stunted young man whose quest for revenge has cost him a price he doesn’t even realize he has an option for. do not pay.

That’s not to say the fights and car chases aren’t fun.

They are well filmed and well choreographed. They really are. Matt Reeve’s direction is sleek and engaging, and the cinematography is excellent. “The Batman” has a timeless quality to it, with shadowy black alleys, a downtown filled with digital billboards, and a truly gothic vibe, complete with a landscaped Batcave with vaulted ceilings and bats chasing each other and a Wayne Cramped manor with antiques, dripping with ghosts of dead family.

This Batman goes back to the character’s original comic book detective roots, and there’s as much mystery in the movie as there are punches. (Well, maybe.) It’s a good mystery too, with clever misdirection and plenty of room to breathe.

I loved seeing Batman working alongside Jim Gordon (an excellent Jeffrey Wright), going up against Penguin (a scene-stealing and unrecognizable Colin Farrell), and teaming up with Selina Kyle (the dynamic and ironic Zoe Kravitz) as the very different and very believable. (although this name is never used).

Robert Pattinson, the Batman himself, is absolutely brilliant, both in the physicality he brings to the role and in his haunting, introspective, and awkward moments.

Agreed. Since I definitely oversold it, I’ll say there was a loose end that I felt linger, a moment that should have closed an arc and instead left me feeling a bit dissatisfied.

You see, I said something bad about this movie. I am totally objective.

Go see “The Batman”.

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Daniel K. Denny