The Batman Opening Box Office Numbers

Superhero movies have been one of the few genres to consistently perform at or above expectations throughout the pandemic. We thought that The Batman would have an equally successful time. After all, he’s an iconic character with a massive fan base and an exciting new lead in the costume. But the long runtime and noticeable change in tone might have kept people from seeing it right away. Luckily for Warner Bros., the hero emerged victorious. The Batman The box office opening numbers were above our forecast, and that’s a good indicator of how much money the film can make by the end of its theatrical release.

All The Batman Opening of ticketing numbers

Our earliest The Batman Box office forecasters thought that figures of $80 million domestic and $185 million worldwide would be easy to achieve for the film. Looking back, those numbers seem pretty small as The Battinson took over theaters around the world.

The Batman earned $128.5 million domestically of the 4417 cinemas in which it was created. It’s the best opening weekend of the year (so far) and the second best pandemic opening, sitting happily behind Spider-Man: No Coming Home.

Abroad, The Batman attracted an additional $120 million in 74 markets. That means it currently sits at $248.5 million worldwide. It has already charged its expensive $200 million price tag in its early days.

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Will The Batman Keep making money?

Some films have fantastic starts and sizzle within days. It looks like that won’t happen in Gotham, because The Batman has great potential for strong legs.

The Batman is doing very well critically, which will mean good things for those who might have been hesitant to see it at first. His critical score of 85% on rotten tomatoes (and a 90% Audience Score) is high enough to convince naysayers. Word of mouth has also been constant. The film’s name, cast, and other key moments have been trending on various social media platforms, from Tik Tok to Twitter, since its premiere.

It will also see a release in China, which has been rare for many superhero movies lately. Previous Batman movies have struggled to earn at least $100 million in the market. So when The Batman has its opening counter in China from March 18he is sure to get a lot more out of it.

matt reeves the batman movie reaction is the joker in the batman Image via Warner Bros. Pictures.

Will The Batman make $1 billion after its opening box office numbers?

Only two Batman movies have grossed over $1 billion at the box office; The dark knight rises and The black Knight. (The number increases to three if you count Jokerwhich exists in the same city but misses seeing the crusader capped.)

The Batman falls short of those films’ opening weekend, but not by much. If audiences remain impatient and the movie doesn’t experience a significant drop in its second weekend, then it should be able to easily close in on that billion dollars. It could also see higher earnings in China than past films, as they’ve had fewer North American films to compete with.

The Batman Is in theaters now.

Did you contribute to the box office opening numbers for The Batman? If not, be sure to check out our initial reaction to the film to see if it’s worth it.

While you’re here, let us know how much money you’re expecting from the movie and if it will join the billion dollar club. Hey, if it doesn’t succeed, we can always try again when the sequel arrives.

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