THE BURNT #5: Judas, Priest, Warrior, Sinner

The battle rages on between good and evil, but what’s the endgame for The Burned? Preparing for issue FIVE has been a non-stop thrill ride, so getting to this point seems like the reward for a Spawn-branded treasure trove of justice, and it is, but at what cost. As we saw at the end of issue four, there is a Judas in The Scorched. Not good. Especially since things seem to be falling apart for the motley crew.

The gang have their hands full with the Sin Devourer and in true Sean Lewis fashion, tHere is some great art that happens in this book. Make no mistake, Stephen Segovia kicks you in the stomach with every panel. A few pages down is a spread with Spawn, Sin Devourer and Gunslinger which is absolutely stunning; the intensity of the art moves in unison with Lewis’s words. From beams of light to plasma and blood, Ulises Arreola arrives like a John Bonham drum solo that leaves you in awe and wonder. Segovia and Arreola are a treasure trove of an artistic team and should be celebrated as such.

As the book progresses, we are treated to classic Lewis prose. Just when you think you have an idea formed, a full stop, and a change of direction. This direction will raise your blood pressure a few ticks, I know mine did. The ending is enough to send you into a fit of rage, only because we have to wait an entire month to see what happens next.

Daniel K. Denny