The Empress Season 2: Release Date and Cast

After Netflix’s massive success with ‘Bridgerton’ and ‘The Crown’, they are officially back with another royal drama TV series titled ‘The Empress’. Just after 6 episodes, fans are dying to know if there is going to be a season 2. It was very surprising to see that Season 1 of this amazing show reached a global audience of over 106,000,000 hours watched in its first fortnight. Plus, it meant “The Empress” broke records when it came to non-English-language Netflix series.

Season 1 plot and cast

Regarding the plot, it is somewhat similar to the previously published one regency/royalty television series. However, unlike these two series which took place in England, “The Empress” takes place in Austria. It is worth mentioning that this mini-series is a documentary based on real events. The series depicts the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, who ruled alongside Emperor Francis until 1898.

Spoiler alert: However, it looks like the Empress has her own issues, especially when it comes to her love life. In the first two episodes, fans notice that Elisabeth falls hopelessly in love with Franz, which is how she earned her title.

As madly in love as they both seem to be at first, Elisabeth soon begins to doubt her feelings. She changes her mind after meeting Maximilian, the Emperor’s brother. Maximilian continues to try to persuade the Empress to stay with him rather than Franz. This decision leads to many problems in the Empire which begin to resolve at this precise moment.

‘The Empress’ Season 1 – Photo by @Netflix

The Empress season 2 – Potential date, cast and plot

Regarding the potential release date of season 2, it could be in 2024. This is due to the high cost and the production, which took 2 years for season 1. Despite starting production in 2020, Netflix released the first teaser for “The Empress” two months before season 1 was released.

Speaking of potential casting, the Empress was brought to life by the amazing actress Devrim Linnauaccompanied by Philip Froissant, it is therefore very likely that we are about to see them resume their roles if Netflix decides to renew the show (fingers crossed).

The Empress season 1 ‘The Empress’ Season 1 – Photo by @Netflix

‘The Empress’ season 2: potential plot

Spoiler alert: With the sixth episode of Season 1 ending with Sisi pregnant, it’s highly likely that future episodes of “The Empress” will follow Sisi’s motherhood, as well as her reign.

Based on actual events, we know that Elisabeth gives birth to Archduchess Sophie. Apart from that, there is certainly a devastating war ahead of us. Also, Netflix, give us a teaser: Is Amalia alive? It remains unknown until netflix confirm the renewal.

Netflix Content Manager Eva van Leeuwen on “The Empress”: “It takes courage, creativity and intuition to tell a story as iconic as that of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It’s a challenge that Katharina Eyssen, Sommerhaus Serien GmbH, the fantastic team of directors and the excellent cast have all met in impressive fashion. We are very happy to be able to present the result to our German and global audience.

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