The Hirshhorn Museum acquires a performance by Tino Sehgal and the comic strip by Frank Frazetta is auctioned

Hirshhorn Museum (image via Flickr)

Hirshhorn Museum (image via Flickr)

the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden acquired his first work of performance art, At Tino Sehgal’s “This you” (2006). “This You” will be part of the museum’s permanent collection and will debut on Labor Day weekend, featuring a band of DC-based musicians. Sehgal describes each piece of this work as a “constructed situation” and the performers as “performers”. The performance will consist of a solo singer randomly selecting a visitor, singing a song chosen just for them. A “performer,” or singer, will perform whenever the museum is open. For the first presentation, interpreters will understand Tattiana Aqeel, Erin Frisby, Arielle Goodman, Briona Jackson, Sadie Leigh, Christiana Vandermale, Jahnel Daliya Slowikowski, and Lara Supan.

Gillian Wearing, “Me as an artist in 1984” (2014) (image courtesy of the Linda Pace Foundation)

Ruby Citythe new name of Linda Pace Foundation Center for Contemporary Art in San Antonio, announced that it had acquired Gillian Wearing photography “Me as an Artist in 1984” (2014) by Regen Projects. The photograph depicts Wearing in his studio with a flesh-colored mask over his face, surrounded by his own artwork. Wearing uses silicone prostheses in her work to reconstruct family photographs, in which she transforms into different family members and younger versions of herself “in order to establish a physical connection between herself and others with whom she shares a genetic bond,” according to the Linda Pace Foundation. It is Wearing’s first work to join the permanent collection of the Linda Pace Foundation. [via email announcement]

the University of Wollongong (UOW) in Australia acquired the late sculptor May Barrie’s mockup, “Winged Bull” (1969), through the Creative Arts alumnus Jules McCue. The model was created as a model of a sculpture that is currently on display at St. Luke’s Cathedral, Liverpool. It was originally acquired by a friend from Barrie, Roberta Bell Allen. Through her friendship with McCue, she arranged for the piece to be donated to the UOW art collection. Amanda Lawson, senior professor and director of the UOW art collection, said of the donation, “The ‘Winged Bull’ model is a special piece that captures the working process of a major artist from the region.” Barrie is known for her granite and stone sculptures, which she continued to work on well into her 90s. Another Barrie sculpture, “Viva Solaris” (1976) is currently on display on UOW’s McKinnon Lawn.

Frank Frazetta, “Escape on Venus” (1972) (image courtesy of Heritage Auctions)

Heritage auctions the Dallas Comics & Comic Art sale brought in a total of $6,670,739 from August 2-4. The best lot of the sale, by Frank Frazetta Painting “Escape on Venus” (1972), sold for $660,000. The painting was used as the cover image for the 1974 reissue of Edgar Rice Burroughs novel Escape to Venus.

Nicholas Eveleigh, “Blue Number 2 (After Calder)” (2018), sheet metal, brass, wire and paint, 6.5 x 13 x 13 in. (image courtesy of Christie’s)

Christie’s Close to Home: Christie’s Staff Art Show in New York brought in a total of $39,625 on August 2. The best lot of the sale, by Nicholas Eveleigh “Blue Number 2 (After Calder)” (2018), sold for $3,750.

Suzanne McClelland, “Wait” (1991) (image courtesy of Phillips)

Phillip’s Phillips x Artsy: Carte Blanche online sale brought in a total of $84,571 on August 2. The best lot of the sale, by Suzanne McClelland “Wait” (1991), sold for $10,625.

Daniel K. Denny