The Underground Beacon comic book store in New York has closed


The Underground Beacon is a comic book store owned by Albert Mas and Courtney Mas, located on Main Street in Beacon, NY since July 2018. Or at least it was.

In March of this year, they were saved from bankruptcy by a customer, after the store announced via Instagram that it would be closing due to a terminally ill family member and raised the rent. According to an article in Highlands Current, Albert and Courtney had saved enough money to keep the store alive until 2019, but after the holiday sales slowed, unclaimed pullboxes with an inventory worth 20 $ 000 was dragging the shop down.

The underground beacon logo.

However, customers Michel Liocé and Lioce ash teamed up to keep The Underground Beacon alive. But then the coronavirus and the lockdown hit. At the end of last month, Albert and Courtney posted the following on their Facebook page;

So, as many of you have heard that Covid has wreaked havoc on us, I have lost a member of my family. My partner whom I brought to revitalize the store had to bow out in front of his finances. We wish him and his family the best of luck as they begin the next chapter of CA. So I tried behind the scenes to save this place, but it’s just not in the cards. I’m here until the end of the month, I have one week left. So sales .. 50% comics and graphic novels !!! Let me tell you, we love our customers and we love Beacon !!! This is not the end, in the words of Vigo the Carpathians “Death is only a door. Time is only a window. I will come back!”

As they got closer, they hadn’t managed to get rid of everything. So, for those still going through the store, they posted “Free stuff outside the store now!”

The comic book shop closes

It was a sweet final gesture.

Bleeding Cool attempts to mark the demise of comic book stores as well as newcomers to the scene. We’re more likely to hear about the former than the latter due to concerned fans, but please let us know about any changes in your own local market. Contact to inquire.

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