Top 10 comics that have risen in value over the past week include The Boys, Wonder Man and more

The top 10 list has seen some nice swings over the past few weeks, with new titles rocking the market this week. The Spot cools down a bit and allows some content-focused independent tiles to appear on the list. Take a 1:25 Sozomaika variant and sprinkle an epic The Boy event among a splatter of controversial books, and you’ve got yourself a top ten list. There’s nothing “underground” about this Top 10. Take a look and see which books have reached our top spots!

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#ten: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #98 | WONDER | 1985 | This book marks the first full appearance of The Spot. Of the triad of key SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN comics (97-99), #98 proved to be the most valuable. After the initial surge last week, sales slowed as cheap copies disappeared. We tracked it to a high sale of $238 for a CGC 9.6 with a gross FMV of $50.

#9: CATWOMAN #44 – SOZOMAÏKA (1:25) | CC | 2022 | Another variant of Sozomaika Catwoman, another appearance on this list! Sozomaika variants for problems #39 to #43 have appeared on this list multiple times before as fans have greatly enjoyed its portrayals of Catwoman and Harley Quinn. And by appreciated, we mean liked! Issue 44 is now getting the same treatment as the secondary market sales that sent this book into the stratosphere, selling for $100+. Sozomaika’s career is undoubtedly giving off Peach Momoko vibes as her portrayals of Catwoman quickly become hot selling modern books on the secondary market. We tracked it to a high sale of $120 for an NM+ raw copy and a FMV of $92!

#8: BOYS: HEROGASM #1 | DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT | 2009 | Season 3 of The Boys received rave reviews, propelling other books in the series up this list. Finally, Episode 6 is about community, aptly titled “Herogasm.” Portrayed by Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Soldier Boy’s first appearance in this book officially takes the No. 1 spot. Whether the show can live up to the debauchery of its namesake doesn’t matter, as fans are heading to the secondary market for a copy. Fans of the comic book and the Amazon series are eager for this adaptation to make it to the screen, with trepidation that it might one day happen. Yet here we are, and the book market is reacting similarly as a fuller picture of Soldier Boy is unveiled. We followed a high sell of $250 for a CGC 9.8 with commodities at a FMV of $47.

#seven: HOTEL #1 | WRITER ARTISTS & ARTISANS INC | 2020 | Deadline reports that “AWA Studios has tapped Elle Callahan to direct a feature film adaptation of Hotell’s original graphic fiction series. She will also co-adapt the screenplay with Anthony Ruff. AWA Studios President Zach Studin is producing .” This has already created significant movement on the first issue. We trailed it at a high sale of $35 for a raw copy, with FMV currently set at $14.

#6: WHAT IF: MILES MORALES #4 – SERGIO DAVILA | WONDER | 2022 | Nothing like a controversy to make a book hot! After a lukewarm, if not downright lukewarm, response from the comic community, series writer Yehudi Mecardo has recently gone through the many phases of Marvel fan frustration. Social media is abuzz with criticism of the writing, with the consensus feeling that this question was outdated and offensive. As one of the few variants of this problem, it has received a lot of attention along with the rest, albeit good and bad. Although this is a fantastic cover, it still hasn’t reached the heights of the other variations of this book, but it’s on its way. We tracked a high sell of $13 for a raw copy, with the current FMV at $7.

#5: MIDNIGHT WESTERN THEATER #1 | SCOUT COMICS | 2021 | Deadline also reports that “Scout Comics has partnered with Oren Segal’s Management Production Entertainment to develop Louis Southard’s comic book series Midnight Western Theater for television – bringing in Kevin Carroll to handle the adaptation.” We tracked a high sell of $15 for a raw copy with a current FMV of $12.

#4: WHAT IF: MILES MORALES #4 – PACO MEDINA – DESIGN (1:10) | WONDER | 2022 | Although this problem may be the second time on the list, it is not the last! Cover A and all variations of this issue went crazy after the written word controversy in this book. Once author Yehudi Mecardo fired up fans on Twitter after receiving criticism, the community decided it was on and lit a social media fire under this book. As noted, this attention also translated into big sell-offs in the secondary market where we tracked a high sell of $30 for a raw copy and a FMV of $24, almost at the A-cover level.

#3: THE WONDERFUL MAN #1 | WONDER | 1991 | Falling from the top spot last week, Wonder Man #1 takes third place this week. According to verified sources, reports that the Wonder Man series may be a satire set in Hollywood. Although unconfirmed, the rumor has increased interest in Wonder Man’s first ongoing series, which is mostly set in Hollywood. We trailed it to a high sell of $118 for a CGC 9.6 and a FMV of $24.

#2: MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #158 | WONDER | 1994 Ms. Marvel was just getting started before surprising fans last week when she revealed the show’s villains, the Hideaways. Although they are not identical to the Destine Clan, which first appears in this book, they do share some similarities. Specifically regarding the name AND the word Jinn. That was enough to pull this book to number 2 as fans snatched up this old $2 book. We tracked a high sell of $60 for a raw copy with the current FMV at $42.

#1: WHAT IF: MILES MORALES #4 | WONDER | 2022 | Here we are, the top spot, belonging to none other than this A-cover of the controversial issue! Although it caught fire due to significant controversy, it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. AFTER the multiple exchanges on Twitter between author Yehudi Mecardo and his detractors, Mecardo posted on their Twitter, trying to clear the air. “I’ve taken the past few days to step back and listen, and I acknowledge your criticism for my recent issue of What If… Miles Morales Was Thor. As I’ve had a different experience through my own Jewish and Mexican backgrounds , I still know that inauthenticity hurts, and I’m sorry it failed on that front. I’ve enjoyed hearing and learning from my peers in black and Puerto Rican comics and hope to use this time to help promote greater authenticity. I will also be donating what Marvel gave me to the Brooklyn Book Bodega, which works towards literacy and providing more books to children in New York City.” Who is to say that this will ease the tension or fan the fire further? Either way, the controversy led to above-average sales and a robust secondary market! We trailed it at a high sale of $37 for a raw copy with the current FMV standing at $19.


Daniel K. Denny