Top 10 comics that rose in value over the past week include Harley Quinn, Midnight Suns and more

Talk about variety! This week’s top 10 has a bit of everything. Marvel still sees Sabra’s first appearance on the roster, along with Thunderbolts’ Ghost, Kevin Eastman’s Midnight Sons variant, and Werewolf by Night’s Ulysses Bloodstone. Marvel newcomers include Mr. Immortal and Bloodline. DC also has an incentive cover on the list, as well as a special anniversary cover of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Artgerm. Eight Billion Genies, in development for an Amazon TV series, have released a limited 4th printing of their wildly popular first issue exclusive. An original Image story, soon to be a TV series, takes the top spot!

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#ten: DEAD: WAR OF THE DEAD GODS #2 – SUN KHAMUNAKI (1:50) | CC | 2022 | While WAR OF THE UNDEAD GODS doesn’t debut any new characters, it certainly features some beautiful artwork by Sun Khamunaki. Khamunaki has previously illustrated beautiful covers for the ladies of titles like Mosterella and Vampirella. We tracked it to a high sale of $60 for a raw copy and a current FMV of $45.

#9: THE INCREDIBLE HULK #256 | WONDER | 1980 | Sabra’s first appearance ultimately falls from her two-week reign from #1 on this list to #9. We tracked it to a high sale of $369 for a CGC 9.6 and a gross FN FMV of $59.

#8: IRON MAN #219 | WONDER | 1987 | When the Thunderbolts line-up was announced at D23, Ghost was the only member to see a significant increase in sales and the only member to hold a Top 10 spot three weeks in a row. We trailed it to a high sale of $137.08 for a CGC 9.6. The FMV for a raw VF copy is $27.

#seven: MARVEL PRESENTS #1 | WONDER | 1975 | The next Werewolf by Night Halloween Special will be released very soon. You would think that Elsa Bloodstone would have been the one to land in the Top 10. However, this issue received the most acclaim due to the length of the show, the central location of Bloodstone Temple, and the reference or the likely inclusion of Ulysses Bloodstone (which debuted in this issue of Marvel Presents). We tracked it to a high sale of $170 for a CGC 9.4 and a gross $20 FN FMV.

#6: HARLEY QUINN 30TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL #1 – STANLEY ARTGERM LAU – FOIL (1:50) | CC | 2022 | Harley Quinn is one of DC’s most popular characters, and Artgerm is a highly sought-after cover artist. Combine these two with a shiny, hard-to-find 1:50 ratio anniversary cover, and you’ve got gold (or chrome)! This 30th anniversary cover captures femme fatales Harley and Ivy, and the Batgirl captured in the corner panel is a fun addition to this fantastic cover. We tracked it to a high sale of $80 for a raw copy. A raw NM copy works for a JVM of $47.

#5: EIGHT BILLION GENIUS #1 – TRISH FORSTNER – BIRD CITY – SUPER MARIO 3 HOMAGE – BLACK – 4TH PRINT (LIMITED TO 500) | PICTURE | 2022 | Last week a 4th print of the popular Super Marios 3 cover of Eight Billion Genies #1 went on sale on bird city comics, with a simple background swap of an all-black cover. Half of the draw was provided to the online community with a limit of two per person. In less than 2 minutes he was exhausted. Since then, copies have been hitting the secondary market and selling fast! We tracked it to a high sale of $150 for a raw copy. If you missed out, don’t stress, because the rest of the print will be sold out at Baltimore Comic-Con. However, getting a copy will be very competitive based on current market demand. Good luck!

#4: WEST COAST AVENGERS #46 | WONDER | 1989 | Mr. Immortal made his debut in the latest episode of She-Hulk, which sent speculators looking for his key appearances. This is not only his first appearance but also the first team appearance of the Great Lake Avengers, of which he was a member. We trailed it to a high sale of $86 for a CGC 9.6. A raw NM copy has a FMV of $13.

#3: MIDNIGHT SUNS #1 – KEVIN EASTMAN (1:25) | WONDER | 2022 | Kevin Eastman is a legend who helped make one of the greatest, if not the most important, independent comic books. His name carries weight, with fans picking up his work when they can. Recently, Eastman returned to work on a Marvel book, which hasn’t happened often. This 1:25 variant has the added benefit of featuring The Midnight Suns, consisting of Blade, Wolverine, Magik, Spirit Rider and Nico Minoru, all characters with a vibrant following within the community. We tracked it to a high sale of $40 for a raw copy. The FMV for a raw NM copy is currently $27.

#2: AVENGERS X-MEN ETERNALS: DAWN FCBD 2022 | WONDER | 2022 | Blade’s daughter, Bloodline, makes her long-awaited appearance in this hard-to-find 1:1000 variant from the talented Peach Momoko. Bloodline is set to reappear in the Halloween special Crypt of Shadows #1. However, this trend is mostly due to speculation surrounding Marvel’s casting of 14-year-old actress Milan Ray for an unknown role in Marvel’s in-development film BLADE. We trailed it to a high sell of $1125 for a CGC 9.8 with an NM FMV of $347.

#1: ROGUE GALLERY #1 | PICTURE | 2022 | According to Deadline, “The Iron Man This Radicle Act franchise actor’s production label opted for Hannah Rose May Rogues’ Gallery’s Image Comics comic book in a competitive situation, Deadline has learned. Don Cheadle has a first look. with Industrial Media, and the plan is to make Rogues’ Gallery a television series.” Sales were quick, wiping out all the cover price and under $10 worth of copies. We tracked it to a high sale of $20 for a raw copy. The current FMV of the NM is $14. This book was only released a few months ago (July), so it should be possible to find copies in the wild. The cool Third Eye Comics exclusive is also still available for $20.

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