Tyler Boss Local Comic Shop Day 2021 Cover for Joy de Bendis operations


At the Diamond Retailer Summit last weekend, Dark Horse VP of Marketing Matt Parkinson spoke in more detail about upcoming plans with Brian bendis, now that he’s brought his Jinxworld line of creator-owned comics to Dark Horse for their 35th year. As well as the backlist including Torso, Powers, Scarlet and more, and the new announced Joy Operations for november with Stephen Byrne, Matt has lined up the other new Bendis comics that Dark Horse will be releasing in 2022. We are promised new chapters of pearl with Michael gaydos, Blanket with David Mack, Powers with Michael Avon OEM and Taki Soma, (a previous ad said murder inc with Oeming and Soma instead) and also unexpected new projects from the Bendis employee on Checkmate, Alex Maleev, and with Jacob Edgar also

Tyler Boss Local Comic Shop Day 2021 Cover for Joy Operations # 1

Speaking of Joy Operations with Stephen Byrne, Bendis said, “There’s something about the book itself, the first issue that I was very excited to try, building a whole world around that story idea. And then everywhere we go, new stuff. The whole world is written around Stephen’s palette, Stéphane’s choices “. Also, expect to see previews and announcements of new Jinxworld Dark Horse, possibly the couple mentioned above, in the first issue of Joy Operations. And they’ll be a 2021 Local Comic Shop Day cover variant by Tyler boss for Joy Operations (above) too.

New Brian Bendis comics from Dark Horse with Alex Maleev and Jacob Edgar

This year’s Local Comic Shop Day, ComcisPRO, takes place on Wednesday, November 24, with a number of items specifically ordered by participating brick and mortar stores for that day. Stores do not need to register, although if they register they can get more exposure and possibly order additional items. Additional LCSD titles and the in-store registration process will be announced shortly.

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