UK charity launches anthology comic highlighting veterans’ struggles

Re-Live, a UK-based charity, is releasing a new anthology comic titled Coming Home highlighting the mental health experiences of military veterans.

Re-Live, a Welsh charity Arts in Health based in the UK, is releasing a new anthology comic titled Go home highlighting the mental health experiences of military veterans.

Edited by Steve Sullivan, Go home was created after Re-Live launched a new Life Story group for military veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic. When the band passed on their love for comics, Re-Live began developing the Go home anthology with members. Rather than presenting traditional tales often seen in war comics, Go home aims to give readers a deeper insight into military life with autobiographical stories focused on healthcare and mental health.

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“I’ve always loved comic books, but as a filmmaker I’ve never had the opportunity to do them before,” said Sullivan, who has previously directed films such as 2018. Being Candid: The Chris Sievey Story and 2013 happy hours, said. “So when I was approached by Re-live to be part of this project, I jumped at the chance… It’s a testament to the power and emotion of the mental health stories of our veterans that we were able to attract such a stellar roster of performers to help bring them to life.”

Go home features additional contributions from a number of cartoonists, including Keith Page, Emma Vieceli, Mike Donaldson and Clark Bint, with the logo designed by Richard Starkings. Ian Kennedy, who previously worked on titles such as Judge Drdd and Dan Daredesigned the wraparound cover paint for Go home before his passing in early 2022. “It was such an honor that Ian agreed to paint our cover – and the fact that it was the last thing on his drawing board when he died is truly humbling and poignant for us” , Sullivan said. .

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Re-Live works with underrepresented communities to support their experiences and bring their stories to audiences around the world. “We are honored to share some of the hidden mental health stories of veterans, and we hope Go home highlights and understands the impact of military service on some of our service members,” said Re-Live Artistic Director Karin Diamond. “Comics have proven to be a powerful and therapeutic medium to help spread these stories.

Go home is distributed by Diamond Distributors and will receive an official release in November. Readers can pre-order copies now using Diamond’s order code SEP221929 through September 18. For more information on Go home or to follow the progress of the project, visit Re-Live’s website.

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