Valiant releases digital comic to explain its NFT drop (exclusive)

Valiant, never a stranger to flashy trends, is wading into the NFT market starting this weekend, with a Punk Mambo NFT goes on sale from February 20. And while most consumers have no idea how NFTs work, fear not: the publisher has prepared a short intro to the comic, using Valiant characters to walk you through it. And ComicBook has a first look at the comic, which comes from writer Darren Sanchez and Buddy Scalera, with art by Alan Robinson, color by Lee Loughridge, and lettering from A Larger World. On Sunday, the publisher will debut one of six planned NFTs, the first featuring the Punk Mambo character.

The three-page story introduces a handful of Valiant characters, and the publisher hopes to attract Valiant fans to the Web3/NFT marketplace, as well as make Valiant as a brand a bit more appealing to people who are already at them in this space. .

You can see the short below.


The launch is part of a larger campaign by Valiant to use technology to connect more with its audience. This follows the launch of the Valiant Discord server, which you can join to get updates on this and other Valiant events. The actual site for the NFT launch is at

Valiant also recently launched and sold out a “Genesis Mint Pass”, which allows holders to get all of their NFT drops included. For everyone else, the Punk Mambo claim begins on February 20, with purchase permission list access on February 21, followed by the official public launch. The cost is 0.077 ETH, which is around $213 in USD.

Valiant isn’t the first comic book publisher to experiment with NFT – or even the first mainstream, as DC gave away NFTs during DC FanDome last year. Still, it feels less like using NFTs as a gimmick to generate interest, and more like a serious market step, given the price and the time and energy they put into it.

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Daniel K. Denny