Vampires Eat Money In New Horror/Crime Comic With Bloodstained Teeth

A secret vampire elite preys on the wealthy in Blood-Stained Teeth, a new satirical comic series coming from Image Comics in April.

Warning: contains an overview of Blood stained teeth #1!

Next Image Comics series blood stained teeth brings together crime and horror in a unique vampire story. Exploring vampires who are hungry not only for blood but also for money, the ongoing series is created and written by Christian Ward, who won the Eisner Award for Best New Series in 2020 for Invisible Kingdom (must read for fans of Dunes). Ward is joined on this track by artist Patric Reynolds (The mask). The creative team also includes colorist Heather Moore (The new World), whom Reynolds praises for their talents in creating the environment in blood stained teeth “A downtown neon jungle at night.”


Image Comics is no stranger to vampire titles with a twist. Naming just a few vampire-related titles, the company publishes the southern vampire series Hick, written by Donny Cates (The one you feed) with illustrations by Lisandro Estherren (The last contract). Then there is the “Jesus against the vampires” saga of loaded bible by writers Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Steve Orlando (Commanders in crisis) with works by Giuseppe Cafaro (suicide squad). Corn blood stained teeth was compared to two specific crime horror comics, shared in Image Comics’ official press release.

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the Picture Comics ad compare blood stained teeth to the likes of crime comics such as Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s award-winning Eisner series 100 balls as well as the title of another Image Comics Killadelphia by Rodney Barnes and Jason Shawn Alexander. A series of comic books mixing crime and horror, blood stained teeth centers on criminal Atticus Sloane, a vampire who turns others around if the price is right. In addition to seven covers – featuring the talents of Ward, Reynolds, Declan Shalvey and Jamie McKelvie – Image Comics has unveiled an ad page and five preview pages, shown below.

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover A

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover B

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover C

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover D

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover E

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover F

Bloodstained Teeth #1 Cover G

Moore’s psychedelic colors really make the preview pages below stand out, creating a unique atmosphere not just for a vampire series, but for a comic book title in general. The preview also quickly establishes how problematic it can be to turn people into vampires in a modern stylized setting. Speaking of the inspiration behind the book and its uniqueness, Ward said: “I’ve been thinking about doing this comic for years and it struck me that in a time when billionaires are rushing to explore space rather than pay taxes, there’s never had a better time to tell a story about a secret society of vampires who feed not only on our blood but also on our money.”

Blood Stained Teeth #1 Preview Page 1

Blood Stained Teeth #1 Preview Page 2

Bloodstained teeth #1 Preview Page 3

Bloodstained teeth #1 Preview Page 4

Bloodstained teeth #1 Preview Page 5

Bloodstained teeth #1 Overview Page 6

Sloane’s story begins with what could be a dangerous mistake, as the vampire becomes an influencer who instantly reveals his new status to the world. Much previous work has associated vampires with social elites, describing their feeding and turning others down as more mundane forms of exploitation, but blood stained teeth takes a unique take on the relationship between blood and money that will be fascinating to watch play out. The lesson blood stained teeth The series will release its first issue on April 27, 2022 at comic book stores and on Image Comics digital platforms.

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